3 Easy Steps to Erase Part Of Image on Canva

In this guide, you will learn how to erase on Canva. There is an eraser tool that you can use to do that.

Hand holding eraser on Canva

Is There an Eraser Tool in Canva?

Where is the Erase option in Canva? Can you erase a part of your image without using Adobe Photoshop? If you use Canva via Canva’s website on the desktop version, you will find the Background Remover function which helps you to remove the background of a photo.

how to erase on Canva with background remover

Within this Background Removal tool, you will find an Eraser tool to erase any part of your image. To access the Canva Eraser tool, you will have to first use the Background Remover to remove background from an image first.

You will next be able to see the Erase button or the option with the minus (−) sign. Click on that to change your cursor to an Erase brush and click on the Restore button or the option with the plus (+) sign to change your cursor to the Restore brush.

With these two functions, you can then adjust how you want your image to look by erasing and restoring any part of the image.

how to erase on Canva with erase brush and restore brush in background remover

This is not yet possible in the Canva app or mobile app as of writing. Also, this is only available for Canva pro users.

If you are on the free version, you will see a pop-up notification for you to upgrade to the Canva pro membership before you can use the Background Remover tool. There’s no need to upgrade right away if you don’t wish to do so now.

You can sign up for the one-month free trial to take advantage of the Background Remover function, other design tools, premium Canva templates, and photo elements.

The trial is absolutely free and you don’t have to pay for anything only until one month later when the monthly subscription starts.

free trial pop up to try canva pro account for free

Just remember to cancel the trial and downgrade your Canva pro account to the free version within 30 days of signing up for the free trial.

Once you have your Canva project ready, go ahead to find out below on how to erase on Canva in more detail with 3 simple steps:

Steps to Erase Parts of Image on Canva

How do you use Eraser in Canva? If you would like to erase part of your image in Canva, make sure to have your image ready to open up in your Canva document. Follow the next steps to use Eraser in Canva.

Step 1: Select the Image

The first step is to open up the image you want to edit either by uploading your image via the upload media section or selecting a photo from the Elements section.

In this example, I will select a free photo from the Canva image options. I try to find an image that has a clear distinction between the main subjects and background.

It’s important to use an image without a distracting background so that Canva can easily remove the image’s background without taking anything away from the main subjects. Something like this:

Search for free cat photo on Canva

With artificial intelligence, I believe Canva’s Background Remover is able to detect where the background is for any photo. You can use any photo, but a distracting background leaves Canva more confused.

This may cause it to take away some parts of your subjects while leaving some background behind. You will have to do more manual work to clean up your background and image in this case.

With your image visible on the Canva document, select the image by clicking on it once. You know it’s selected if there is a box outline around the image.

Select your photo or image on Canva

Step 2: Background Remover Tool

Click the Edit Image on the top toolbar and a menu slides out from the left with a wide range of edit image options. Click the Background Remover option.

Select Edit Image button and Background Remover on Canva

You will now see your image greyed out and a loading icon spinning with it.

waiting to remove the background from photo on canva

At this point, you are not able to click or move anything and there are no prompts or notifications to tell you what to do. All you have to do is wait for Canva to do its magic to remove the background of your image.

In a matter of seconds, the left side menu changes to only show two buttons, Erase and Restore under the section “Select a Brush”.

Select Erase brush or Restore brush to adjust image with transparent background on Canva

And if you look at your image, you will notice the background has been removed and now it has a transparent background. If your image has a transparent background, you will see the background with checkered grey and white boxes.

For example, in this case, the original background was a solid color, but after removing the background, the solid color is replaced with the checkered boxes.

You should be able to see the main subjects still looking clear and intact. This may not be the exact outcome you want, but before you can erase any part of your picture on Canva, you will have to get started by removing your image background.

Step 3: Restore and Erase

If you don’t wish to see some parts of your image. Click on the button that says “Erase” on the left side menu. You will see that your cursor is now a circle. This represents the Erase brush.

Bring the cursor to the image, hold down the cursor and move it along the areas you’d like to remove or erase. You will start to see parts of your image erased or turned into transparency mode.

Click on the Erase brush and hold down the cursor while moving along the image to erase any part of the image on Canva

Chances are, Canva’s Background Remover may have taken away some parts of the image you still want to retain. Or you may have erased them by accident.

To get it back, click on the Restore button in the left side menu. The cursor will also be a circle that represents the Restore brush. Then, bring the cursor to the image.

Go to the area you want to restore, then hold down the brush cursor, your mouse, or trackpad and move the brush on the image. You will start to see parts of your image appearing.

If you find that the brush size is too big or too small, go to the brush size slider on the left and adjust the brush size by toggling along the slider. Bring the cursor back to your image to erase or restore any part of the image until your desired result.

toggle erase or restore brush size on canva

You will find yourself switching between the Erase and Restore brushes quite a bit before you get your desired result.

To view the contrast between the original image and what you’ve done with the Restore and Erase functions, select the option that says “Show original image” in the menu on the left side of your screen.

show original image before erase or restore actions on canva

Once you have arrived at your desired result, click “Done” on the top menu bar.

Click done to remove background and erase on Canva

Then click the “Apply” button on the left side menu to confirm your actions.

click apply button to remove background and erase or restore on canva

Final Thoughts: Erasing On Canva

You won’t find an Eraser tool in the free version of Canva, but you can sign up for a free trial of the pro version. With access to the Background Remover, you will be able to also access the Eraser tool to remove unwanted items on your images.

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