3 Easy Steps to Get Transparent Background on Canva for Free

In this Canva tutorial, you will learn how to get a transparent background or remove a background on both Canva Free and Pro accounts.

How to get a transparent background on Canva for Free

How to Get a Transparent Background on Canva for Free

To get a transparent background on Canva for free, the first step is to get your Canva design ready. Then, download it as a PNG file.

Since you won’t be able to export your design with a transparent background without a Pro account, upload it to Adobe Express to remove the background.

Here are the simple steps to remove a background on Canva for free, in detail:

1. Canva Design with Graphic Elements and Images

The first thing is to create the design you want on your Canva document, either with Canva templates or by adding graphics to a blank canvas. If you want custom templates of Christmas app icons, we are giving them away for free.

In this example, I’m adding a few different graphic cats to my Canva design. Here’s what it looks like:

Happy colorful cats

You may have a design where there is an image background or a background color. In this case, if I were to download the design, I would get a white background.

2. Download Your Canva Design as a PNG File

If your Canva design includes an image as a background, you can select the image by clicking on it. Then select the “Edit image” button. In the free version of Canva, you will see the same Background Remover Tool as other Canva Pro users can see.

But if you were to select it, you would be asked to sign up as a Pro user first before you can use the transparent background feature.

Instead of signing up as a Pro user, the next step is to export an image or download your design. Select the Share button on the top right of the screen.

click share button to export image on canva

Select the option with the download icon.

download button to export image on canva

Then, in the download settings, select File Type. Select PNG format in the dropdown menu. You’re unable to select the Transparent Background option, but no worries.

select png file format on canva

Go to the bottom of the dropdown window. Select the Download button and you are now downloading your Canva design to your device.

3. Use Adobe Express

The next thing we are going to do is to make use of a free tool online. It’s a background removal tool created by Adobe. Go to Adobe Express Remove Background Tool and click the “Upload your photo” button.

You don’t have to register or sign in to use this tool.

remove background on adobe express

A new browser window opens up. Next, drag the image you’ve downloaded from Canva previously into the space within the dotted lines in this window.

drag and drop image to remove background on adobe express

Wait for a couple of seconds while Adobe Express does its magic.

removing background in progress on adobe express

Then, you will see the background of your design becomes transparent. Click the Download button on the right-hand side to save your transparent background design to your device.

Click the customize button

This works the same way if you have a Canva design with a background of an image and you’d like to make the image’s background transparent. Using this Adobe Express tool can help you get a transparent background image.

How to Get a Transparent Background on Canva Pro

Here are steps on how to remove a background in Canva Pro.

Step 1: Edit Photo

With your Canva design opened up, click on your image to select it. Select the Edit Image button that is just below the top toolbar.

edit photo of woman smiling with a cup of coffee in her hands in canva

Step 2: BG Remover

Select the BG Remover on the menu that slides out from the left side of the browser.

select BG remover on canva to remove a background

The background of your image disappears and you have your design with a transparent background.

before and after removing a background of an image in canva

Step 3: Adjust Background

If you’d like to do more, click the settings icon that is on the BG Remover button in the left panel.

settings icon on bg remover in canva

you will see two more options appear on the left side under the section that says Select a Brush. They are the Erase and Restore tools. You may use these features to adjust the elements of your design.

Erase and restore in background remover in canva

Select Erase and bring your cursor to your image on the right. Click and drag on your image, this erase tool removes those areas of your image.

If there are areas previously removed and you want them visible, select the Restore button and bring your cursor to your image. Click and drag on the parts of your image that you want to restore. You will see them reappear again.

Step 4: Download

Once you are satisfied with the outcome, the next thing to do is to download your design. Select the Share button and click on Download.

Under File Type, select the PNG file format and select the Transparent Background option. Select the Download button to save your image with a transparent background to your device.

Going Pro will surely be more convenient. But like most graphic designers, I know there are different options and various applications you can use to get your desired results without spending more.

Final Thoughts

This is so far the best way to get a transparent background on Canva for free. You will have to leverage other applications to remove your image background like how this tutorial uses Adobe Express. You can also use Adobe Photoshop if you have access.

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