21 Free Boho Fonts In Canva With The Best Bohemian Style

There are many different boho font types in Canva, which can make it increasingly difficult to know which type is best for your designs.

A lot will depend on your target audience, medium, usage factors, and other preferences, you may find that a certain boho font type works better than others.

Boho fonts in Canva

This guide will provide a rundown of the different types of boho fonts in Canva, as well as how they look with a bohemian-style background.

We’ve personally hand-picked and tested over 125+ fonts before finalizing this list. It’s our aim to help you shortlist all font types and options so that you have them at your fingertips. So with that in mind, let’s dive in.

What Is A Boho Font

Boho fonts, short for Bohemian fonts, are characterized by their free-spirited, creative, and carefree design elements.

They often embody characteristics associated with the Bohemian lifestyle, which values artistic, unconventional, and laid-back attitudes toward life.

These fonts can range from handwritten or script styles that give a personal and authentic feel, to bold and playful designs with whimsical details like swirls, curls, or decorative elements inspired by nature.

Boho fonts might also feature a vintage or distressed appearance, adding to their sense of nostalgia and authenticity.

The appeal of Boho fonts lies in their ability to convey a sense of individuality and expressiveness.

These make them a popular choice for branding, wedding invitations, social media graphics, and any design project aiming to evoke a sense of uniqueness and creativity.

They are versatile and can be used in a variety of design contexts, from elegant and sophisticated to casual and relaxed.

Whether you’re creating a logo for a new brand or designing an invitation for a Bohemian-themed event, Boho fonts offer a wide range of styles to complement your creative vision.

Best Free Boho Fonts In Canva

1. Aprila Bold

Aprila Bold - Boho Fonts In Canva

Aprila Bold is more than just a bold font; it’s a statement piece that brings a sophisticated style to any project.

Its unique blend of boldness and intricate details makes it ideal for headlines and promotional materials that demand attention.

With Aprila Bold, adding a touch of personality to your designs is effortless, ensuring your projects stand out with elegance and a distinct bohemian vibe.

2. Beach Resort

Beach Resort - Boho Fonts In Canva

Beach Resort, inspired by nature, captures the essence of bohemian style with its playful design and flowing lines.

This sans-serif font is perfect for designs that aim to evoke a sense of relaxation and adventure, making it ideal for branding beach-themed resorts or creating stunning designs for social media graphics that transport viewers to a sun-kissed paradise.

3. Bimbo

Bimbo - Boho Fonts In Canva

Bimbo offers a unique decorative touch with its irregular letterforms and decorative elements, embodying the free-spirited essence of boho style fonts.

As a versatile font, it’s suitable for body text and decorative headings, adding a touch of whimsy and bohemian aesthetics to any design context, from wedding invitations to marketing materials.

4. Daydream

Daydream - Boho Fonts In Canva

Daydream, with its flowing shapes and cursive font style, brings a touch of elegance and a dreamy atmosphere to projects.

This calligraphy font is a favorite among designers looking to add a personal and authentic touch to their work, ideal for crafting greeting cards, wedding invitations, and other projects that benefit from a handwritten or script style.

5. Dreaming Outloud Sans

Dreaming Outloud Sans - Boho Fonts In Canva

Dreaming Outloud Sans is characterized by its clean lines and elegant sans-serif design, offering a modern twist on classic bohemian themes.

This versatile font is ideal for projects that require clarity and impact, adding a sophisticated yet playful design to logos, branding, and graphic design projects that aim to capture the bohemian spirit cleanly and classically.

6. Genty

Genty - Boho Fonts In Canva

Genty embodies the elegance and simplicity of boho-style fonts, making it a versatile choice for creating clean, sophisticated designs.

Its sans-serif nature and rounded edges add a modern touch to logos, branding, and body text, providing a unique blend of contemporary style and bohemian spirit.

7. Gistesy

Gistesy Boho Fonts In Canva

With its irregular shapes and playful style, Gistesy is perfect for graphic designers looking to add a touch of whimsy and bohemian vibes to social media graphics and marketing materials.

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This font captures the essence of boho fonts on Canva with its unique decorative elements, making it ideal for projects that require a personal touch.

8. Gliker

Gliker - Boho Fonts In Canva

Gliker, characterized by its intricate details and rustic charm, offers a textured look inspired by nature.

This bold and expressive font is a favorite for promotional materials and graphic design projects that aim to convey warmth and authenticity, embodying the bohemian style through its unique letterforms and decorative typeface.

9. Halimum

Halimum - Boho Fonts In Canva

Halimum brings a touch of elegance and a soft, inviting aesthetic to wedding invitations and greeting cards.

This calligraphy font, with its flowing shapes and cursive style, adds a personal and authentic feel to designs, making it a go-to choice for adding a touch of elegance and capturing the bohemian spirit.

10. Hatton

Hatton - Boho Fonts In Canva

Hatton is a style serif font that combines classic and elegant design contexts with a bold font choice for logos and branding.

Its distinctive serifs and versatile font style make it ideal for projects looking for a sophisticated design with a bohemian touch, adding a unique letter and sophisticated style to any design.

11. High Tide Geometric

High Tide Geometric - Boho Fonts In Canva

This sans serif font, with its sharp edges and geometric precision, adds a modern touch to the bohemian style.

High Tide Geometric is ideal for graphic designers looking to infuse their projects with a bold font that combines the boho or bohemian vibe with clean, sophisticated designs.

12. Meow Script

Meow Script - Boho Fonts In Canva

Meow Script playful style script font that embodies the fun and playful spirit of boho fonts. It is perfect for adding a personal touch to wedding invitations or greeting cards, offering a flowing, handwritten quality that feels both personal and authentic.

13. Pacifico

Pacifico - Boho Fonts In Canva

Inspired by nature, Pacifico is a cursive font that carries the laid-back, retro style of the 1950s surf culture.

Its flowing lines and retro design make it a favorite among Canva users for adding a touch of nostalgia and a bohemian vibe to logos and branding.

14. Railey

Railey - Boho Fonts In Canva

This calligraphy font is all about adding a touch of elegance and a personal touch with its handwritten or script style.

Railey is perfect for designs that require a sophisticated style with a boho twist, ideal for creating clean, classic, and elegant visual stories.

15. Reborn

Reborn - Boho Fonts In Canva

Reborn is a bold and expressive display font with distressed, hand-drawn qualities that speak to the heart of the bohemian spirit.

It’s an excellent choice for adding a unique and playful touch to promotional materials or graphic design projects that aim to stand out.

16. Shadow Script

Shadow Script - Boho Fonts In Canva

Shadow Script, with its calligraphy font style, adds a touch of elegance to any project.

It’s perfect for designs that aim to convey bohemian vibes through flowing shapes and intricate details, making it an ideal choice for wedding invitations or adding a playful design to promotional materials.

17. Tan Kindred

Tan Kindred - Boho Fonts In Canva

A style serif font that embodies the bohemian spirit with its rounded edges and irregular shapes, Tan Kindred is versatile, serving well in body text or as a distinctive choice for logos and branding.

Its unique letter forms capture the essence of boho fonts, adding a unique and playful touch to graphic design projects.

18. Themysion

Themysion - Boho Fonts In Canva

This decorative typeface, inspired by nature, brings a touch of whimsy and the bohemian style to your designs.

Themysion’s unique decorative elements make it a favorite for creating stunning designs that require a bold and expressive font, ideal for projects that aim to stand out with their sophisticated style and bohemian aesthetics.

19. Tropika

Tropika - Boho Fonts In Canva

Tropika, a sans serif font characterized by its clean lines, is bold and playful, inspired by the lushness of tropical environments.

It’s a versatile font, free for Canva users, that’s perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to marketing materials or social media graphics, capturing the free-spirited essence of boho or bohemian design.

20. True North

True North - Boho Fonts In Canva

True North is a font that embodies the adventurous and free-spirited essence of the bohemian lifestyle.

Its flowing curves convey a sense of warmth and approachability, making it an ideal choice for designs that aim to evoke a sense of comfort and familiarity.

This versatile font, with its playful style and decorative elements, is perfect for a wide range of projects, from branding and logos to social media graphics and marketing materials.

21. Yesteryear

Yesteryear - Boho Fonts In Canva

Yesteryear, a cursive font with highly stylized flowing lines, offers a trip down memory lane with its retro design.

It’s an elegant sans-serif font that brings a sophisticated and classic look to any design, ideal for greeting cards, wedding invitations, and projects that require a script font with a personal and authentic feel.

Final Thoughts

Incorporating these fonts into your Canva projects, whether using the free version of Canva or exploring the extended offerings of Canva Pro, allows you to experiment with a variety of styles.

These fonts are versatile, and ideal for projects ranging from sophisticated marketing materials to casual, boho-chic wedding invitations.

For those looking to customize their designs, Canva Pro offers the ability to add custom fonts to Canva, further expanding the potential to craft unique and stunning designs that truly capture bohemian aesthetics.

Moreover, Canva’s vast library of templates, design tips and tricks, and access to stock photos, elements, and even Google fonts, ensures that your creative journey is as boundless as the bohemian spirit itself.

By exploring these boho fonts, you’re taking a trip down memory lane, embracing the carefree lifestyle and artistic freedom that bohemian fonts exemplify.

Each font not only adds a touch of personality and whimsy to your designs but also allows you to capture the essence of your message in a visually compelling way.

Whether you’re a seasoned graphic designer or a creator, these boho fonts offer the tools to bring your graphic design ideas to life, creating projects that resonate with the free-spirited bohemian vibe.


What Is A Good Boho Font?

A good boho font captures the essence of the bohemian style, which is all about conveying a sense of freedom, creativity, and an unconventional lifestyle through design.

Boho fonts typically feature unique decorative elements, irregular shapes, and a handcrafted look that can add a personal touch and artistic flair to your projects. Here are a few characteristics and examples of good boho fonts that you might find useful:

  1. Handwritten or Script Styles: Fonts that mimic handwriting or calligraphy can add a personal and intimate feel to your design, making it feel more authentic and crafted. Examples include “Pacifico” and “Railey,” which are known for their flowing lines and casual elegance.
  2. Decorative and Artistic: Boho fonts often come with intricate details and decorative elements such as swashes, flourishes, and nature-inspired motifs. “Aprila Bold” and “Gistesy” can add a touch of whimsy and intricate design to your work, embodying the free-spirited boho vibe.
  3. Bold and Playful: To make a statement, boho fonts can also be bold and feature playful letterforms. “Genty” and “Hatton” provide a balance between readability and decorative appeal, making them suitable for headlines, logos, and branding that aim to stand out.
  4. Versatility in Design: A good boho font should be versatile enough to be used in various design contexts, from wedding invitations and greeting cards to marketing materials and social media graphics. “Halimum” and “Tropika” offer a range of weights and styles, allowing for flexibility in design.

Is There A Groovy Font On Canva?

Yes, Canva offers a selection of groovy fonts that are perfect for adding a retro touch to your designs.

These fonts are inspired by the nostalgia of past decades, such as the 70s, 80s, and 90s, and are ideal for projects that require a vintage or retro vibe. Here are some notable groovy fonts available on Canva:

  • Gulfs Display: A playful and retro style font that draws inspiration from 90s cartoons and comic books, offering bold and rounded shapes for a distinct 90s vibe​​.
  • Kare: Known for its bold display and inspired by 70s patterns, Kare is great for designs like t-shirt logos and casual projects​​.
  • Nectarine: This fun, tropical font with groovy vibes is perfect for retro summer logos and t-shirt designs​​.
  • Genty: A stylish display font inspired by the street art of the 1990s, featuring big and bold letters for eye-catching designs​​.
  • Tan Nimbus: A retro, bold, and playful font inspired by psychedelic art, ideal for projects needing a dose of fun​​.

What Is The Most Aesthetic Font In Canva

Determining the most aesthetic font in Canva is subjective, as aesthetics can vary greatly depending on personal preference and the specific requirements of a design project.

However, here is a list of several fonts I’m recommending for their elegant and aesthetic appeal, making them popular choices for a variety of design applications.

  • Tan Mon Cheri
  • Prata
  • Abril
  • Catchy Mager
  • The Seasons
  • Abiah
  • Quiche
  • CY Grotesk Grand
  • Playfair Display

I will update this list as Canva adds on other aesthetic fonts along the way.

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