Trendy Title Fonts In Canva 2024

In this guide, you will get inspiration from 10 title fonts in Canva.

Title fonts in Canva

Top Title Fonts That Are Trendy In Canva

A “title font” refers to the style of typeface or font used specifically for titles in various contexts, such as in books, articles, websites, presentations, or any other forms of media where text is used.

The choice of a title font is crucial because it sets the tone and grabs the reader’s or viewer’s attention, contributing to the first impression of the content.

Title fonts are often more distinctive, bold, or stylized compared to the font used for the main body text to make them stand out and be more memorable.

The selection of a title font can be influenced by factors such as the content’s theme, the medium it’s presented in, and the intended audience.

Here are some of the top trendy title fonts in Canva:

1. Agrandir Grand

Agrandir Grand - trendy title fonts in Canva 2024

Agrandir Grand is a towering presence, its expansive and bold strokes lending a sense of grandeur and importance to titles, making them leap off the page or screen.

It’s the go-to choice when the intention is to make a statement that’s both elegant and commanding.

2. Anton

Anton - trendy title fonts in Canva 2024

Anton strides onto the scene with its uncomplicated yet striking appearance.

This sans-serif marvel is all about impact, providing titles with a clean, modern look that’s perfect for capturing the essence of contemporary designs.

3. Archivo Black

Archivo Black - trendy title fonts in Canva 2024

Archivo Black brings a robust and reliable energy to titles, its solid and assertive forms exuding confidence.

Ideal for professional and academic settings, it lends an air of seriousness and authority that commands respect.

4. IBM Plex Serif

IBM Plex Serif - trendy title fonts in Canva 2024

IBM Plex Serif merges the traditional with the modern, offering a serif font that’s both versatile and refined.

With its balanced proportions and subtle elegance, it gives titles a touch of sophistication that’s approachable yet authoritative.

5. Lucidity Expand

Lucidity Expand - trendy title fonts in Canva 2024

Lucidity Expand is the wildcard, its wide and open structure offering a refreshing take on title fonts.

Perfect for creative and innovative projects, it speaks of openness and clarity, inviting viewers into a space of inspiration and insight.

6. Migra ExtraLight

Migra ExtraLight - trendy title fonts in Canva 2024

Migra ExtraLight is like a whisper in a crowded room, capturing attention not with volume but with its subtle elegance.

Its delicate and refined strokes are perfect for titles that require a touch of sophistication and a breath of lightness, making it an ideal choice for minimalist designs that speak volumes without shouting.

7. Molenilo

Molenilo - trendy title fonts in Canva 2024

Molenilo dances onto the scene with a playful and quirky energy. This font infuses titles with personality and a sense of whimsy, making it perfect for projects that aim to stand out in a fun and inviting way.

Its unique character shapes and forms make every word a focal point of creativity and joy.

8. Tan Astoria

Tan Astoria - trendy title fonts in Canva 2024

Tan Astoria brings a warm, inviting presence to titles, reminiscent of classic design with a modern twist.

Its balanced and harmonious strokes offer a sense of comfort and reliability, making it a great choice for projects that aim to convey a sense of tradition and innovation in equal measure.

9. Tan Meringue

Tan Meringue - trendy title fonts in Canva 2024

Tan Meringue is light, airy, and effortlessly chic, much like its namesake dessert. With its casual elegance and friendly appeal, this font adds a touch of sweetness to titles, making them appealing and accessible.

It’s perfect for designs that aim to be laid-back yet stylish, inviting readers in with a promise of something delightful.

10. The Youngest Serif

The Youngest Serif - trendy title fonts in Canva 2024

The Youngest Serif is the bold newcomer with a point to prove. Combining the timeless appeal of serif fonts with a fresh and contemporary edge, it gives titles a robust and dynamic presence.

This font is all about making statements that are both grounded and cutting-edge, ideal for forward-thinking projects that respect the past while looking to the future.

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