Taylor Swift Fonts Of All Eras [Free Alternatives In Canva]

In this guide, you get all you need to know Taylor Swift, her albums, and where to get the album’s alternative free fonts.

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Are you a fan of Taylor Swift and following her on #TheErasTour?

Or maybe you wish to create and print some Taylor Swift stickers, t-shirts, and wristbands for awesome Swiftie love. Time to grab matching Taylor Swift fonts and get cracking!

With 1.9 million Swifties hanging out on Reddit looking for Tay Tay fonts, you are not alone and you’ve come to the right place.

Taylor Swift has released several albums throughout her career, showcasing her versatility as an artist and her evolution from country to pop, and then to indie and alternative sounds.

Here is a list of her studio albums and the best matching fonts you can use.

Taylor Swift (2006) Font: Satisfaction Pro

This is her debut album, which established her as a country music artist. I believe Satisfaction Pro could be the exact font used for the Taylor Swift signature on the album cover.

This choice complements the personal experiences narrated in her music, mirroring the intimacy and directness of her lyrics.

Font: Satisfaction Pro
Font Weight: Regular
Font Location: My Fonts

Red (2012) Font: Tungsten

The sans-serif font used here is similar to Avenir Next, suggesting clarity and simplicity. But Tungsten font is a better fit.

This choice marks a shift in Taylor’s musical style towards more pop and alternative rock, reflecting the media scrutiny she faced and her prowess in navigating it.

She also re-recorded this 2012 album in 2021, as part of her campaign to own her masters, including all original tracks plus previously unreleased songs from the vault.

Font: Tungsten
Font Weight: Semibold
Font Location: MyFonts

Reputation (2017) Font: Engraver’s Old English

The Reputation font, bold and edgy, could be likened to Druk Wide, suitable for dramatic album art or bold display fonts in fan projects.

This era’s font underscores the dramatic shift in Taylor’s image and the complexity of her narratives.

Font: Engraver’s Old English
Font Weight: Regular
Where To Get Font: Free In Canva or MyFonts

Lover (2019) Font: Satisfy

The Lover font, with its playful and romantic flair, can find a free alternative in fonts like Brush Script, ideal for personal use in creating heartfelt, fan-generated content or love story-inspired designs.

I’m afraid this is handwritten, according to an interview with Taylor Swift. But some fonts are close to this style.

I recommend the best font to be Satisfy which is a free handwritten font on Canva. You can also try the font called “Soulmate” that’s free for personal use on Dafont.

Font: Satisfy
Font Weight: Regular
Where To Get Font: Free In Canva And Google
Alternative Font: Soulmate
Where To Get Font: Free In Dafont

Folklore (2020) Font: IM Fell DW Pica

This album includes serif fonts that echo the introspective and narrative depth of the music. 

Adobe Caslon is one font that offers a classic, timeless feel, perfect for projects inspired by this album’s indie folk tales.

However, I would think that Folklore font specifically, with its elegant serif and texture, can be better matched with IM Fell DW Pica, a choice that adds a historical and literary touch to fan creations.

Font: IM Fell DW Pica
Font Weight: Regular
Where To Get Font: Free In Canva And Google

Evermore (2020) Font: IM Fell DW Pica

Released as a sister album to Folklore, continuing its indie folk, alternative rock, and electro-folk sounds.

The aesthetic of “Evermore” is reminiscent of a rustic, ethereal fairy tale, enveloped in the mysteries of the woods and the whispered tales of the past.

For Swifties and graphic designers aiming to emulate the “Evermore” font for personal projects, fan art, or social media content, using IM Fell DW Pica or seeking out free alternatives in serif fonts can be a great start.

Font: IM Fell DW Pica
Font Weight: Regular
Where To Get Font: Free In Canva And Google

Fearless Taylor’s Version (2021) Font: Carla Sans Light

The Fearless font evokes a sense of adventure and boldness, akin to Engravers’ Old English for its serif qualities, offering a dramatic shift that aligns with the album’s numerous awards.

Fans can find similar fonts in archives or use text generators for party invitations or fan art.

Font: Carla Sans
Font Weight: Light
Where To Get Font: DesignCuts

Midnights (2022) Font: Neue Haas Grotesk

The “Midnights” album art and promotional materials feature a mix of retro and modern aesthetics, perfectly encapsulating the introspective and dreamy essence of the album.

The font used for Taylor Swift’s name and the album title on the cover art likely draws inspiration from fonts like GT America or LL Brown, known for their versatility and wide range of weights.

These typefaces offer a modern yet timeless look, reflecting the album’s exploration of sleepless nights and the thoughts that haunt us in the dark.

The clean, minimalist vibe of 1989 is well-represented by fonts like Neue Haas Grotesk or Aktiv Grotesk, perfect for creating cool graphics or TikTok effects that echo the synth-pop sound and the era’s chic aesthetic.

Font: Neue Haas Grotesk Display Pro
Font Weight: 65 Medium
Where To Get Font: MyFonts

Speak Now Taylor’s Version (2023) Font: Mina

This album uses a script that fans can mimic using Mina, one of the most beautiful fonts with an interesting fact: it’s widely used across various media, from books to TV shows.

Mina is created by Resistenza and it’s a testament to Taylor’s broad appeal in the United States and her ability to connect through storytelling.

Font: Mina
Font Weight: Medium
Where To Get Font: MyFonts Or Try it free on Adobe Express.

1989 Taylor’s Version (2023) Font: Taytex

Many sources claim that 1989 looks like it’s the font of Permanent Marker. It could be a great free alternative but I beg to differ.

First of all, the font used for 1989 Taylor’s version is most likely not a digital font. If you look at the number 9, both look slightly different in style. It’s probably drawn or handwritten.

Otherwise, it could have been created digitally but modified to look like it’s a handwritten font.

Although you can modify the Permanent Marker font to look similar, but I find that Taytex by FG Studios matches well.

Font: Taytex
Font Weight: Regular
Where To Get Font: FGStudios

The Eras Tour Fonts: Rojal And Pistilli Roman

The Eras Tour, a celebration of Taylor Swift’s extensive music career, showcases not only her musical evolution but also her visual and stylistic journey across different periods of her work.

​I find that Rojal is the best font to match the words “Taylor Swift” and Pistilli Roman goes well for the words “The Eras Tour”.

Taylor Swift Font: Rojal
Font Weight: Regular
Where To Get Font: FG Studios

The Eras Tour Font: Pistilli
Font Weight: Roman
Where To Get Font: Free In DaFont

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