Best Calligraphy Fonts In Canva That Are Free (2024 Guide)

Calligraphy fonts are stylized typefaces that mimic the art of calligraphy, which is the practice of creating visually appealing handwriting or lettering with a special pen or brush. Here are some of the best calligraphy fonts in Canva this year.

best calligraphy fonts in canva

These fonts are characterized by fluid strokes, varying thicknesses, elegant flourishes, and a harmonious balance between the letters. You can use them as they are or rotate the text to make your designs more interesting.

They can range from traditional styles that replicate historical handwriting, such as Copperplate or Spencerian scripts, to more modern interpretations that incorporate elements of hand lettering and brush lettering.

What Makes The Best Calligraphy Font

A good calligraphy font encompasses several key characteristics that collectively enhance its appeal and functionality in design. These characteristics include:

  1. Legibility: Even with elaborate flourishes, a good calligraphy font must remain legible at various sizes to ensure the text can be easily read and understood by the audience.
  2. Fluidity and Consistency: The strokes should flow smoothly from one letter to the next, maintaining consistent thickness, pressure, and style throughout the font. This coherence is crucial in mimicking the natural flow of handwriting.
  3. Versatility: A versatile calligraphy font can be used across a wide range of projects, from wedding invitations and greeting cards to branding and advertising. It should pair well with other fonts and fit various moods and themes.
  4. Unique Style: The font should have distinctive features that set it apart from others, whether it’s through unique flourishes, stroke variations, or letter shapes. This uniqueness helps in creating memorable and impactful designs.
  5. Aesthetic Appeal: Good calligraphy fonts possess an inherent beauty and artistic quality that elevate the overall design. They should evoke emotions or convey a specific atmosphere, whether it’s elegance, whimsy, or formality.
  6. Balance: The best calligraphy fonts strike a balance between ornate details and simplicity, ensuring that the font doesn’t overwhelm the design or detract from the message.
  7. Compatibility: It should perform well across different mediums and devices, maintaining its integrity whether displayed on a digital screen, printed on paper, or utilized in large-scale signage.
  8. Comprehensive Character Set: A good calligraphy font includes a wide range of characters, including uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation marks, and special characters to ensure versatility and usability in various languages and contexts.

These elements contribute to the effectiveness and beauty of calligraphy fonts, making them a popular choice for adding a touch of elegance, personality, and artistry to design projects.


Allura - Best Calligraphy Fonts In Canva

Allura is the quintessence of sophistication, with its smooth, flowing lines that hark back to the elegance of traditional handwriting.

This font is a masterpiece for invitations, branding, and personal correspondence, offering a touch of grace that enhances the aesthetic appeal of formal designs.

Allura is perfect for those looking to add a sophisticated script or a touch of elegance to any design, making it a staple in the realm of wedding cards and elegant font choices for branding projects.


Breathing - Best Calligraphy Fonts In Canva

Breathing introduces a fresh, airy quality, characterized by light, effortless strokes that embody casual elegance.

This font is a go-to for informal invitations, inspirational quotes, and lifestyle branding, adding a laid-back charm that’s inviting and approachable.

It’s a terrific choice for projects that benefit from a handwritten style, providing a casual and playful touch that’s both unique and engaging.


Brusher - Best Calligraphy Fonts In Canva

Brusher stands out with its bold brush style, capturing the essence of hand-painted lettering.

It’s an ideal pick for creative projects that call for a dynamic and energetic feel, from advertising to headline fonts built to capture attention.

Brusher’s thick strokes and energetic vibe make it a favorite for adding a bold font touch to designs, perfect for conveying messages with passion and vigor.

Bukhari Script

Bukhari Script - Best Calligraphy Fonts In Canva

Bukhari Script, with its playful yet bold monoline script font design, offers a consistent thickness that gives it a distinctive personality. Suitable to qualify as a trendy title font.

Ideal for branding, packaging, and social media designs that aim to be unique and stand out, Bukhari Script infuses projects with fun and a touch of modern flair.


Celandine - Best Calligraphy Fonts In Canva

Celandine weaves the elegance of traditional calligraphy with the rustic charm of handmade artistry.

Its thick and thin strokes make it perfectly suited for wedding invitations and artisanal branding, bridging the gap between old-world charm and contemporary design.

Celandine’s natural handwriting appeal adds a beautifully flowing touch to wedding designs and any project desiring a touch of nature and authenticity.


Engagement - Best Calligraphy Fonts In Canva

Engagement is a font that embodies the spirit of traditional calligraphy with a contemporary twist.

Its beautifully flowing lines and sophisticated script make it ideal for wedding invitations, adding a personal touch that’s both elegant and timeless.

This font is perfect for those looking to add a touch of elegance to their designs, making every wedding card uniquely memorable.

Engravers’ Old English

Engravers’ Old English - Best Calligraphy Fonts In Canva

Engravers’ Old English brings a classic vibe to any project, with its thick and thin strokes that echo the craftsmanship of historical lettering styles.

This font is a fantastic choice for formal designs that require a touch of vintage, from book covers to branding projects that aim to stand out with a unique font.

Its capital letters, adorned with intricate details, are perfect for adding a majestic feel to any design.

Feeling Passionate

Feeling Passionate - Best Calligraphy Fonts In Canva

Feeling Passionate is a handwritten style font that exudes warmth and energy. With its casual and playful strokes, it’s a terrific choice for creative projects that require a bold font with a personal touch.

This font’s uneven letters and vibrant energy make it ideal for greeting cards, posters, and any design that aims to convey passion and enthusiasm.

Grand Hotel

Grand Hotel - Best Calligraphy Fonts In Canva

Grand Hotel offers a classic yet approachable font style, with a touch of elegance that’s reminiscent of the 1930s.

Its unique blend of thick and thin strokes makes it versatile for both headline fonts and body text, suitable for elegant branding projects, stylish menus, or sophisticated book covers.

Grand Hotel is a testament to adding a classic and elegant touch to your designs with its beautifully crafted curves and natural handwriting appeal.

Great Vibes

Great Vibes - Best Calligraphy Fonts In Canva

Great Vibes is a sophisticated script font that features elegantly flowing lines and a touch of contemporary flair.

Its thin lines and delicate strokes make it an excellent choice for wedding designs, invitations, and any project that benefits from a beautifully flowing, calligraphy style.

Great Vibes is the embodiment of sophistication, making it one of the stylish fonts to bring a touch of class and a personal feel to your Canva designs.


Lobster - Best Calligraphy Fonts In Canva

Lobster is a bold font that combines the warmth of a script with the structure of a serif, making it perfect for headlines and branding projects that aim to stand out.

Its unique touch of vintage brings a sophisticated script to designs, ideal for use in Canva templates for wedding invitations or business cards.

Lobster’s thick strokes and subtle curves lend a casual yet elegant feel, embodying the stylish fonts that bring a touch of elegance to any design.


Nickainley - Best Calligraphy Fonts In Canva

Nickainley is a monoline script font that offers a blend of classic and contemporary styles.

With its handwritten style and elegant thin strokes, Nickainley is perfect for creating designs with a personal touch, such as greeting cards or wedding cards.

This font, available for download at Font Meme and 1001 Fonts, provides a terrific font pair for minimalist designs or templates using the Parisienne font in Canva, adding a sophisticated touch to your designs.

Playlist Script

Playlist Script - Best Calligraphy Fonts In Canva

Playlist Script is a beautifully flowing script font that features casual and playful thick and thin strokes.

Its approachable font style makes it ideal for creative projects that require a touch of hand lettering, from book covers to branding projects.

Playlist Script’s natural handwriting makes it a versatile choice for adding a contemporary touch of elegance to any design, whether through Canva design school tutorials or directly in your next Canva project.

Stars & Love Bottom Heavy

Stars & Love Bottom Hea - Best Calligraphy Fonts In Canva

Stars & Love Bottom Heavy is a font that captures the whimsical essence of romantic storytelling and starlit nights.

Its delicate and playful strokes evoke feelings of love and joy, making it an ideal choice for wedding invitations, love letters, and any design project that aims to convey the depth of emotion and the beauty of a heartfelt connection.

This font adds a magical touch to your designs, inviting viewers into a world where love is the true guiding star.

Its unique blend of light-heartedness and elegance makes it a standout choice for those wishing to add a spark of love to their creations in Canva.

The Seasons

The Seasons - Best Calligraphy Fonts In Canva

The Seasons is a versatile font that embodies the changing moods and colors of the year, from the fresh blossoms of spring to the cozy warmth of autumn.

With its smooth transitions between thick and thin strokes, this font reflects the natural ebb and flow of the seasons, making it perfect for projects that require a touch of nature’s beauty.

Whether it’s for seasonal greetings, environmental branding, or thematic event invitations, The Seasons brings a harmonic balance to designs that celebrate the diversity and beauty of the natural world.

Its elegant yet approachable style ensures that your projects will resonate with the timeless rhythm of the seasons.


UnifrakturMagunita - Best Calligraphy Fonts In Canva

UnifrakturMagunita is a choice for those seeking a touch of traditional calligraphy with a modern twist.

Its uneven letters and classic vibe make it suitable for formal designs that require a font with elegant ascenders and descenders, adding a unique touch of sophistication and a classic style to your designs.


Yellowtail - Best Calligraphy Fonts In Canva

Yellowtail is a font that stands out with its slim, cursive lettering and a touch of vintage, reminiscent of traditional calligraphy but with a modern, approachable twist.

This font is perfect for branding projects, creative projects, and designs that aim to convey warmth and personality, offering a blend of thick and thin strokes that are both elegant and casual.


Yesteryear - Best Calligraphy Fonts In Canva

Yesteryear is a font that reminisces about the elegance of a bygone era, with its smooth, flowing lines and classic sensibility.

It speaks to the nostalgia of handwritten letters, yet with a clarity and grace that fit seamlessly into modern design projects.

Yesteryear is the go-to font for invitations, logos, and any project that requires a sophisticated script with a hint of vintage allure, offering a timeless elegance that never fades.

Question About Calligraphy Fonts

What is the elegant handwriting font on Canva?

Allura is known for its elegant handwriting style on Canva, offering a blend of sophistication and traditional calligraphy aesthetics, perfect for invitations and branding.

What is the best font for calligraphy?

Great Vibes is often celebrated as one of the best calligraphy fonts available on Canva, known for its beautifully flowing lines and elegant design, suitable for a wide range of projects.

What is the closest font to calligraphy?

Alex Brush is closely akin to traditional calligraphy with its smooth, flowing script and consistent stroke weight, making it a popular choice for those seeking a classic calligraphic look.

What is the most popular font on Canva?

While Canva offers a plethora of widely used fonts, Montserrat is among the most popular for its versatility in both body text and headlines, suitable for various design needs.

What are some cursive fonts in Canva?

Cursive fonts in Canva include the likes of Pacifico, Lobster, and Playlist Script, each offering a unique handwritten style that adds a personal touch to designs, from casual to formal.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to finding the best calligraphy fonts in Canva, you’ve got plenty of options, and most of the available font styles can be used in projects with a personal touch (which is great if you’re creating designs with handwritten fonts).

What’s your favorite font to use in your Canva designs?

Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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