13 Best Free Birthday Fonts In Canva

Want to create a birthday invite? You may wish to source birthday fonts in Canva that are fun and appropriate to the theme of the party.

With thousands of fonts in Canva, which fonts are great for birthday designs? What will the words “Happy Birthday” look like? Let’s find out.

Birthday Fonts In Canva

What Are Birthday Fonts

“Birthday fonts” refers to font styles or typefaces that are specifically designed or chosen to convey the festive, joyful, and celebratory mood associated with birthdays.

These fonts often feature playful, colorful, and quirky designs, making them perfect for birthday invitations, greeting cards, banners, and other decorations.

The characteristics of birthday fonts might include bold and bright colors, fun shapes, confetti or balloon motifs, and sometimes even thematic elements like candles or cakes.

The goal is to capture the essence of a birthday celebration, making any text or message feel more special and festive.

Best Free Birthday Fonts In Canva

1. Agrandir

Agrandir - Birthday Fonts In Canva

Agrandir, with its clean lines and elegant serif, is a testament to the power of font pairing and visual communication.

It’s a font that speaks to the contemporary designer, offering a modern touch of elegance to any design.

Its versatility makes it ideal for both minimalist projects and more complex birthday designs, easily found among the variety of fonts in both Canva Pro and the free version.

2. Alex Brush

Alex Brush - Birthday Fonts In Canva

Alex Brush stands as a quintessential example of an elegant script font, embodying the art of traditional calligraphy with a modern twist.

This cursive font, with its beautifully flowing lines and personal touch, adds a layer of sophistication to birthday invitations and greeting cards.

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Its brush script design, reminiscent of the hand lettering found in fairy tale books, brings a touch of whimsy and artistic flair to Canva templates, making it ideal for those seeking to add a handwritten style to their designs.

3. Barriecito

Barriecito - Birthday Fonts In Canva

Barriecito, a bold font with rounded edges, brings an added flair of approachability and fun, perfect for creating a birthday party atmosphere that’s both energetic and inviting.

Its thick and thin strokes and casual design style make it a favorite for birthday invitations and greeting cards, embodying the spirit of celebration.

4. Bernoru Expanded

Bernoru Expanded - Birthday Fonts In Canva

Bernoru Expanded offers a touch of vintage with its art deco inspired font, making it a splendid choice for those looking to convey the tone of grandeur and nostalgia.

Its expanded form and bold stroke widths make it stand out in headline fonts, ensuring that birthday messages are not just seen but felt.

5. Grand Hotel

Grand Hotel - Birthday Fonts In Canva

Grand Hotel, with its touch of vintage and Art Deco inspired font design, offers a nostalgic yet timeless appeal.

This stylish font, perfect for branding projects and formal designs, brings a terrific font pairing for business cards or any visual communication piece that aims to convey elegance with a touch of personality.

Its rounded edges and decorative font style are also well-suited for creating a birthday atmosphere that’s both whimsical and elegant.

6. La Lou

La Lou - Birthday Fonts In Canva

La Lou, a cursive font with beautifully flowing lines and connected letterforms, adds a personal touch to birthday greetings.

Its handwritten style and whimsical font choice evoke a sense of fairy tale and magic, ideal for children’s books or personalizing birthday cards with a unique artistic flair.

7. Lobster Two

Lobster Two - Birthday Fonts In Canva

Lobster Two, with its terrific font pairs and elegant script font qualities, offers a classic script touch that’s perfect for formal designs or adding a sophisticated touch to birthday invitations.

Its flowing lines and connected letters, available in Canva templates, bring an elegant, cursive style to any birthday project, providing a beautifully flowing script that’s both timeless and contemporary.

8. One Little Font Full

One Little Font Full - Birthday Fonts In Canva

One Little Font Full leaps out with its whimsical style and rounded edges, embodying the spirit of fairy tales and the unbridled joy of childhood.

This font is a staple in Canva templates designed for creating a birthday atmosphere that’s full of wonder and delight.

Its casual font appeal and touch of personality make it ideal for invitations to children’s parties, offering a personal touch that’s both approachable and heartwarming.

9. Pagkaki Full

Pagkaki Full - Birthday Fonts In Canva

Pagkaki Full stands out with its decorative font style and uneven letters, bringing a touch of whimsy and a unique artistic flair to birthday designs.

This font, perfect for adding a touch of vintage or a fairy tale feel, is versatile enough for book covers, greeting cards, and any project that benefits from a font with character.

Its whimsical font design is a testament to the creative possibilities available in Canva, especially for those looking to infuse their designs with a sense of imagination and creativity.

10. Parisienne

Parisienne - Birthday Fonts In Canva

Parisienne is the embodiment of romance and the chic elegance associated with American surf culture, offering a cursive style that’s both sleek and casual.

This font is perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any design, from birthday cards to Canva’s free logo creations.

Its connected letterforms and flowing lines make Parisienne a favorite for those looking to infuse their projects with a beautifully flowing script that speaks of love and celebration.

11. Playlist Script

Playlist Script - Birthday Fonts In Canva

Playlist Script, with its elegant script font and beautifully flowing lines, captures the essence of traditional calligraphy with a modern twist.

This cursive font, ideal for formal designs and elegant birthday wishes, adds a sophisticated touch to any Canva template.

Its handwritten style and connected letterforms convey warmth and sincerity, making every birthday message feel like a personal note from a dear friend.

12. TAN New York

TAN New York - Birthday Fonts In Canva

TAN New York, a testament to clean lines and elegant serif, brings a contemporary touch and a touch of elegance to any design.

This font is perfect for adult birthday invitations, business cards, and branding projects that require a font that is both modern and timeless.

TAN New York’s style font and font pairing capabilities within Canva offer endless possibilities for creating designs that are not only visually stunning but also convey the tone and personality of the celebrant.

13. Twister

Twister - Birthday Fonts In Canva

Twister, a brush font from Artimasa Studio, energizes birthday designs with its dynamic energy and expressive hand lettering.

Its thick and thin strokes mimic the excitement of a birthday party, making it an excellent choice for headline fonts that need to capture attention.

This font adds an added flair to Canva’s greeting cards and promotional materials, ensuring that every birthday wish is not just seen but felt.

Final Thoughts

Incorporating these fonts into Canva templates not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your projects but also ensures effective communication through visual elements.

Canva Pro users enjoy the added advantage of accessing a wider variety of fonts to download, including exclusive offerings from Seniors Studio and Mario Arturo, which bring additional style font options and font combinations to the table.

For those interested in font pairing and seeking terrific font pairs, Canva’s design school and tools like Canva’s free logo generator offer valuable resources.

These provide insights into creating designer-made logos that resonate with your brand’s identity, complete with a complementary color palette and font meme choices.

Canva’s expansive library, featuring over thousands of free stylish fonts, including whimsical, bold, and elegant serif options, provides designers with a variety of fonts for minimalist to complex projects.

Whether you’re creating birthday cards, business materials, or personal projects, Canva offers a font for every need, ensuring your designs convey the right message with style and flair.


What Is The Cutest Font In Canva?

Determining the “cutest” font in Canva can be quite subjective, as what one may find adorable, another might not. However, Canva offers a variety of fonts that are widely considered cute due to their playful, whimsical, or charming characteristics.

Fonts like “Amatic SC,” “Pacifico,” and “Poppins” often come up in discussions about cute fonts for their approachable and friendly appearance.

But I find that the cutest font in Canva would be none other than Chewy.

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What is the classy handwriting font in Canva?

In Canva, if you’re looking for a font that mimics classy handwriting, Playlist Script is a standout choice.

This font features elegant, flowing letters that mimic the beauty of hand-drawn calligraphy, making it ideal for invitations, upscale branding projects, and any design seeking a touch of sophistication and personal flair.

Playlist Script combines the charm of traditional handwriting with the refinement needed for formal and stylish designs, effortlessly bridging the gap between the personal and the professional.

Its versatility and aesthetic appeal make it a favorite among Canva users aiming to convey elegance and a bespoke touch in their visual communications.

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How do I get cool fonts on Canva?

Getting cool fonts on Canva is straightforward and offers a variety of options to enhance your designs. Whether you’re working on a free or Canva Pro account, here’s how you can access and utilize cool fonts in Canva:

For Free Canva Users:

  1. Browse Canva’s Font Library: Canva offers a wide range of free fonts. Simply create or open a design, click on the text element, and then click on the font dropdown menu to explore the fonts available. You can scroll through or search for specific font names or styles.
  2. Use Font Pairing: Canva provides font pairing suggestions, which can be a great way to discover cool fonts that work well together. Look for the “Text” tab and explore pre-designed text combinations.
  3. Explore Templates: Many Canva templates use unique and cool fonts. By browsing through templates, you can find fonts applied in creative ways. When you select a template, you can see what fonts are used and apply them to your own design.

For Canva Pro Users:

In addition to the above methods, Canva Pro users have access to more features that allow for an even greater range of font options.

  1. Access to Pro Fonts: Canva Pro offers an extended library of fonts, giving you access to a wider variety of cool fonts. These are available directly within the font selection menu.
  2. Upload Your Own Fonts: If you have a specific font in mind that’s not available in Canva’s library, Canva Pro allows you to upload your own fonts. Go to the “Brand Kit” section of your Canva account (you might need to have administrative access), and you’ll find the option to upload fonts. This feature is particularly useful for maintaining brand consistency or for using custom fonts you’ve created or purchased from font designers.
  3. Explore More Templates: Canva Pro users have access to an even larger selection of templates, which include exclusive use of some cool fonts not available to free users.

Tips for Finding Cool Fonts:

  • Experiment with Search: Use keywords like “script,” “bold,” “handwriting,” or “vintage” in the font search bar to discover fonts that match a specific style.
  • Check Out Design Inspiration: Canva’s design stream or other design sites can showcase how fonts are used in various compositions, giving you ideas for your own projects.
  • Stay Updated: Canva regularly updates its font library and features. Keep an eye on new releases or updates to the platform for fresh font options.

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