Varsity Font Alternatives In Canva

In this guide, you get to learn what are the available alternative fonts to the Varsity font in Canva and all about varsity-styled fonts.

varsity font in canva

What Font Is Used For Varsity?

The term “varsity” often refers to a style of lettering used in the context of college or university sports teams, particularly in the United States.

This style is characterized by bold, block letters with a strong, athletic appearance, often featuring a combination of thick and thin strokes and sometimes with a three-dimensional or shadowed effect.

Varsity fonts in general are characterized by their heavy, block-like serifs (often slab serifs), bold strokes, and angular designs, making them highly visible and readable.

When it comes to fonts that emulate this style, there isn’t a single specific font universally used for all varsity lettering.

Instead, several fonts capture the essence of the varsity style. Some popular fonts that are reminiscent of the traditional varsity lettering include:

  1. College – A classic font that mimics the look of traditional American collegiate lettering.
  2. Varsity – This is a common name for fonts designed to replicate the classic varsity lettering style.
  3. Octin Sports – A modern take on the varsity style, suitable for sports-related designs.

These fonts are typically used on sports jerseys, university merchandise, and related paraphernalia to convey a sense of athletic pride and tradition.

Other font styles that you may like:

Does Canva have Varsity font?

The Varsity font, known for its classic and clean design, is often used for sports team logos, college newsletters, and various design projects that require a bold and commanding presence.

This font is notable for its all-uppercase letters and includes versions with and without an outline, as well as numbers, symbols, and characters used in Latin script.

The design of the Varsity font was credited to Brøderbund Software Foundry and is available for free use.

If you are looking to use a Varsity font in your designs, there are various options available online for free, such as on websites like FontSpace and

varsity font in dafont
Varsity font. Source: Dafont

There isn’t the same Varsity font in Canva, but if you are subscribed to Canva Pro, you can download it free from Dafont and upload it to Canva to use.

Otherwise, having searched and gone through one font at a time in Canva, I’ve found some fonts that are great alternatives for the Varsity font.

Fonts Similar To The Varsity Font In Canva

Canva offers a variety of university font styles that can give you a feel similar to the “Varsity” font. Some of the options you might consider include:

1. Alfa Slab One

Alfa Slab One - Varsity font in Canva

This font is a contemporary take on the classic, chunky slab serif style. Its bold, block-like serifs and slightly condensed letterforms give it a sturdy, assertive presence.

Alfa Slab One stands out for its ability to grab attention while maintaining readability. It’s perfect for headlines or statements where you need a strong, athletic vibe reminiscent of “Varsity.”

2. Bebas Neue

Bebas Neue - Varsity font in Canva

A clean, all-caps sans-serif typeface known for its tall, narrow characters and uniform line weight.

Bebas Neue brings an air of modern simplicity and strength, making it a great alternative to “Varsity” for designs needing a sleek yet impactful font.

It works exceptionally well in sports-themed graphics and headings where you need a touch of sophistication without losing the bold appeal.

3. Bevan

Bevan - Varsity font in Canva

This font is a reinterpretation of a traditional serif typeface with a contemporary twist.

The letters are bold and rounded, offering a friendly yet assertive tone. Bevan is an excellent choice for those seeking a bold font like “Varsity” but with a hint of classic charm.

It’s particularly effective in contexts where a strong, approachable character is needed.

4. Bitter Bold

Bitter Bold - Varsity font in Canva

Bitter Bold is a serif font with a contemporary and versatile look. Its bold weight makes it stand out, while its slightly condensed letterforms provide a modern, efficient feel.

This font is ideal for making strong statements in a more refined way, providing a good alternative to the athletic and direct nature of “Varsity.”

5. Black Ops One

Black Ops One - Varsity font in Canva

This is a heavy, military-inspired font with a stencil-like appearance.

Its letters have a pronounced weight and a commanding presence, making it a solid choice for designs that require a robust, authoritative typeface.

Black Ops One can be used as an alternative to “Varsity” in contexts where a bold, impactful font is needed, particularly in designs related to strength, resilience, or adventure.

6. Bungee

Bungee - Varsity font in Canva

Bungee is a vibrant and energetic font with a unique vertical orientation.

It captures attention with its bold, block-like structure and is perfect for headlines or any place where you want a strong visual impact.

This font brings an urban, contemporary flair, making it a great alternative to “Varsity” for designs that require a modern, edgy, yet sporty feel.

7. Chunk Five

Chunk Five - Varsity font in Canva

A robust slab serif font, Chunk Five exudes strength and solidity with its thick serifs and heavy weight.

It has a retro feel but with a modern twist, making it versatile for various design applications.

As an alternative to “Varsity,” Chunk Five is excellent for creating a strong, assertive presence in your designs, especially where you need a touch of vintage charm.

8. Costa Rica

Costa Rica - Varsity font in Canva

Costa Rica is a playful, tropical-themed font that offers a casual and fun vibe.

While it differs from the traditional athletic style of “Varsity,” it’s a great choice for designs requiring a more relaxed, holiday-like, or adventurous feel.

This font can bring a light-hearted, yet bold touch to your projects.

9. Graduate

Graduate - Varsity font in Canva

Graduate is a classic American block letter font with a collegiate feel, making it one of the closest alternatives to “Varsity.”

Its bold, straightforward style captures the essence of traditional college and sports lettering.

It’s ideal for any design that requires an academic, athletic, or traditional American sports aesthetic.

10. HK Modular

HK Modular - Varsity font in Canva

HK Modular is a sans-serif typeface with a clean, geometric structure. It offers a modern and minimalist alternative to the more ornate “Varsity.”

This font is particularly suitable for contemporary designs where clarity and simplicity are key, yet a strong, impactful presence is still needed.

11. Klose Slab

Klose Slab - Varsity font in Canva

Klose Slab is a slab serif font that combines contemporary style with a touch of classic flair.

Its bold, block-like serifs and slightly condensed letterforms give it a robust and commanding presence.

This font is particularly effective for designs that require a strong, yet slightly refined, athletic vibe, making it a great alternative to the traditional sporty appeal of “Varsity.”

12. Norwester

Norwester - Varsity font in Canva

Norwester is a condensed, sans-serif font known for its bold and impactful character.

Its clean lines and uniform thickness create a modern and dynamic look.

This font is ideal for projects that need a strong visual impact with a sleek, contemporary edge, providing a fresh alternative to the more traditional, collegiate feel of “Varsity.”

13. Princetown

Princetown - Varsity font in Canva

Princetown is a distinct font that embodies a casual and unrefined style, reminiscent of athletic lettering seen on jerseys and sports gear.

Its bold, uppercase letters offer a playful yet commanding presence. This makes it a perfect substitute for “Varsity” in projects that demand a sporty, energetic, and slightly informal look.

14. Sports World

Sports World - Varsity font in Canva

True to its name, Sports World is a font that exudes athleticism and dynamism.

It has a unique style that captures the spirit of sports and competition, with letters that mimic movement and agility.

This font is an excellent choice for designs that require a font with a strong athletic feel, similar to “Varsity,” but with a more stylized and energetic twist.

15. Tomorrow Bold

Tomorrow Bold - Varsity font in Canva

Tomorrow Bold is a forward-looking, sans-serif font that combines geometric precision with a touch of modernity.

Its bold and clean lines offer a contemporary twist, making it an ideal choice for designs that require a strong yet sleek appearance.

This font is perfect for projects that need a robust visual impact, similar to “Varsity,” but with a more futuristic and streamlined look.

16. Yearbook Outline

Yearbook Outline - Varsity font in Canva

Yearbook Outline captures the nostalgic essence of classic school yearbooks.

This font features outlined letters, creating a distinctive, retro vibe that’s reminiscent of traditional collegiate fonts like “Varsity.”

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Its unique outline style adds a layer of sophistication and is perfect for designs that require a blend of boldness and classic school-day charm.

17. Zico Display

Zico Display - Varsity font in Canva

Zico Display is a bold and dynamic font that stands out for its unique character and strong presence.

Its design is characterized by thick, block-like letterforms and a commanding look, making it a great option for headlines and titles.

As an alternative to “Varsity,” Zico Display works well in contexts where a strong, assertive font is needed, especially in sports-themed or high-energy designs.

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