37 Best Free Chalk Fonts In Canva (2024 Guide)

You can get a lot more chalk fonts if you were to sign up for Canva Pro. But I figured if you are already using Canva Pro, you can download many more varieties on the internet and upload your chalk fonts to Canva to use.

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Chalk fonts are typefaces designed to emulate the look and texture of words or drawings created with chalk on a chalkboard.

They often feature irregular outlines, varying stroke widths, and a textured appearance that mimics the effect of chalk dust and smudging.

In today’s guide, you will find the best free chalk fonts in Canva that cover both the powdery, textured look of chalk as well as the brush-stroke style. You’ll see that some are similar to handwritten fonts.

Chalk Fonts In Canva

These fonts can range from clean and sophisticated to rough and hand-drawn, capturing the essence of traditional chalkboard artistry.

Chalk fonts are popular in design for educational projects, menu boards in cafes and restaurants, wedding invitations, and any project aiming for a casual, approachable, or vintage aesthetic.

Their unique style adds a personal, creative touch to digital and printed materials, bridging the gap between traditional chalkboard art and modern design needs.

Different Types Of Canva Chalk Fonts

Here they are, in alphabetical order and not in order of merit. Once you’ve decided which styles are right for you, you can learn the proper way typography should fit in designs.


Abys - Chalk Fonts In Canva

Aegean draws inspiration from the crisp air and clear waters of its namesake sea, offering a breezy, light-hearted feel.

Its elegant curves and casual style are ideal for invitations or branding that desires a touch of Mediterranean freshness.

Amatic SC

Aegean Breeze - Chalk Fonts In Canva

Amatic SC is a fan favorite for its versatile appeal, marrying the simplicity of hand-drawn lines with the warmth of a personal touch.

This font shines in projects that call for a casual, inviting style, from cafe menus to personalized greeting cards.

Angella White

Angella White - Chalk Fonts In Canva

Angella White embodies elegance with a playful twist, featuring soft edges and a fluid, cohesive structure.

It’s perfect for designs that aim for sophistication with a dash of whimsy, such as boutique branding or upscale event invitations.


Antio - Chalk Fonts In Canva

Antio offers a rugged, earthy charm with its bold, textured appearance.

Ideal for projects that require a strong, grounded typeface, Antio adds depth to adventure-themed designs or rustic cafe branding.

Architects Daughter

Architects Daughter - Chalk Fonts In Canva

Architects Daughter brings a unique blend of precision and creativity, inspired by architectural drafting.

With its structured yet casual lines, this font is a go-to for educational materials or creative portfolios that seek a balance between professionalism and approachability.


Berton - Chalk Fonts In Canva

Berton stands out with its heavy, imposing characters, reminiscent of vintage signage.

Its bold presence commands attention, making it suitable for impactful headlines or promotional materials that need to make a statement.

Black Bones

Black Bones - Chalk Fonts In Canva

Black Bones delves into the playful side of the chalk font family, with quirky characters that seem to dance on the page.

It’s an excellent choice for projects that aim to inject a fun, energetic vibe, from party invitations to children’s book covers.


Breathing - Chalk Fonts In Canva

Breathing offers a light, airy touch with its delicate strokes and open spacing.

This font lends a serene, calming effect to designs, ideal for wellness brands, spa menus, or any project that seeks to evoke tranquility.


Brightwall - Chalk Fonts In Canva

Brightwall illuminates any project with its clear, legible style and a hint of rustic charm.

It’s particularly effective for educational materials or business presentations that benefit from a clean, readable font with personality.

Bryndan White

Bryndan White - Chalk Fonts In Canva

Bryndan White offers a whimsical approach with its light-hearted and flowing characters, perfect for adding a personal touch to any project.

Its playful loops and swirls are ideal for invitations, branding, and any design that seeks to convey joy and creativity.

Cabin Sketch

Cabin Sketch - Chalk Fonts In Canva

Cabin Sketch brings the rustic charm of a mountain retreat to your designs with its rough and ready texture.

This font is perfect for outdoor adventure themes, casual business logos, or any project that benefits from a handmade, earthy vibe.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon - Chalk Fonts In Canva

Coming Soon projects an air of anticipation and excitement with its clean, forward-leaning characters.

This font is ideal for movie posters, event announcements, or any design that aims to build hype and engage the audience.


Edo - Chalk Fonts In Canva

Edo captures the spirit of traditional Japanese calligraphy with a modern twist.

Its brush strokes are bold and expressive, making it a great choice for artistic projects, restaurant menus, or any design that desires a touch of cultural flair.

Feeling Passionate

Feeling Passionate - Chalk Fonts In Canva

Feeling Passionate is all about the curves and flourishes, offering designs a romantic and elegant feel.

This font is perfect for wedding invitations, love letters, or any project that requires a sophisticated, heartfelt touch.

Finger Paint

Finger Paint - Chalk Fonts In Canva

Finger Paint brings the fun and creativity of childhood art classes to your designs.

With its smudged texture and irregular lines, this font is ideal for educational materials, children’s books, or any project that benefits from a playful, imaginative touch.


Gellatio - Chalk Fonts In Canva

Gellatio is smooth and creamy, reminiscent of your favorite gelato flavor.

Its soft, rounded characters are perfect for creating a friendly, inviting feel in café branding, dessert menus, or any design that aims to be as sweet and approachable as possible.

Homemade Apple

Homemade Apple - Chalk Fonts In Canva

Homemade Apple has that cozy, homemade vibe, with its uneven lines and casual form.

It’s like a note from a loved one, making it perfect for personal blogs, homemade product labels, or any project that desires a touch of warmth and authenticity.


Knewave - Chalk Fonts In Canva

Knewave stands out with its bold, vibrant personality, making a statement in any design.

Its thick lines and dynamic shape are perfect for music posters, dynamic social media posts, or any project that aims to capture attention and convey energy.

Lemon Tuesday

Lemon Tuesday - Chalk Fonts In Canva

Lemon Tuesday offers a refreshing twist with its light, airy script.

Its delicate hand-drawn lines are perfect for elegant branding, sophisticated invitations, or any design that seeks a touch of finesse and subtlety.

Londrina Sketch

Londrina Sketch - Chalk Fonts In Canva

Londrina Sketch brings a unique, artistic touch to any project with its bold and playful characters.

Its distinctive style is perfect for making a statement in poster designs, creative branding, or any project looking for a touch of uniqueness and flair.

Inlander Texture

Inlander Texture - Chalk Fonts In Canva

Inlander Texture offers designs a rugged, textured look that’s reminiscent of adventure and the great outdoors.

Ideal for branding projects, packaging, or designs that aim to evoke a sense of ruggedness and durability.

JA Jayagiri Sans Rough

JA Jayagiri Sans Rough - Chalk Fonts In Canva

JA Jayagiri Sans Rough combines the simplicity of sans-serif with a rough, textured edge, making it perfect for designs that balance modern simplicity with a touch of rustic charm.

It’s great for casual business branding or creative projects that require a modern yet approachable font.


Pangolin - Chalk Fonts In Canva

Pangolin, with its quirky and fun characters, brings a playful and engaging vibe to any design.

Its rounded forms are perfect for children’s books, educational materials, or any project that aims to be friendly and accessible.

Permanent Marker

Permanent Marker - Chalk Fonts In Canva

Permanent Marker captures the essence of bold, impactful messages written in marker, perfect for designs that need to grab attention.

Ideal for headlines, special announcements, or any project that demands a strong, confident font.

Playlist Script

Playlist Script - Chalk Fonts In Canva

Playlist Script offers flowing, elegant characters that mimic the beauty of hand-drawn calligraphy.

It’s perfect for wedding invitations, greeting cards, or any design that requires a touch of elegance and sophistication.


Redkits - Chalk Fonts In Canva

Redkits features bold, chunky characters with a playful vibe, making it a great choice for designs that aim to stand out and be remembered.

Ideal for festive posters, party invitations, or any project looking for a font with character and energy.


Rushk - Chalk Fonts In Canva

Rushk brings an edgy, contemporary feel with its sharp, angular characters.

It’s suited for projects that require a modern touch, such as tech startups, digital marketing materials, or any design that aims to push the envelope.

Six Hands Brush

Six Hands Brush - Chalk Fonts In Canva

Six Hands Brush, with its authentic brush strokes and hand-painted feel, adds a personal touch to any design.

This font is ideal for artistic projects, album covers, or any design that benefits from a handmade, expressive style.

Six Hands Chalk

Six Hands Chalk - Chalk Fonts In Canva

Six Hands Chalk offers the authentic look of chalkboard art, perfect for menu boards, educational materials, or any project that seeks a casual, yet creative touch.

Its versatility and charm make it a go-to for designs requiring a handcrafted feel.

Sprite Graffiti

Sprite Graffiti - Chalk Fonts In Canva

Sprite Graffiti transports the vibrancy and energy of street art onto your screen.

With its bold, dynamic characters, this font is perfect for designs that aim to stand out and speak loudly, from urban fashion labels to music festival promotions.

TC Chaddlewood

TC Chaddlewood - Chalk Fonts In Canva

TC Chaddlewood offers a whimsical yet grounded typeface choice, with characters that seem to dance with a playful irregularity.

It’s especially suited for projects that aim to inject a sense of fun and uniqueness, from children’s book covers to quirky brand identities.

TC Milo

TC Milo - Chalk Fonts In Canva

TC Milo is a testament to the charm of simplicity, with its clean lines and unassuming presence.

This font is a solid choice for projects that require clarity and a touch of modernity, making it suitable for minimalist poster designs or straightforward web content.

TC October

TC October - Chalk Fonts In Canva

TC October brings the spirit of autumn to your designs with its rustic appeal and warm presence.

Its slightly distressed edges and robust character make it ideal for seasonal promotions, themed event invitations, or any project that desires a cozy, inviting font.


Schoolbell - Chalk Fonts In Canva

Schoolbell captures the lively essence of school days with its playful loops and casual style.

This font is perfect for educational materials, children’s websites, or any design that aims to be friendly, accessible, and fun.


Selima - Chalk Fonts In Canva

Selima flows across the page with an effortless grace, reminiscent of swift, elegant brush strokes.

This font shines in designs that call for a touch of sophistication and fluidity, from fashion brand logos to high-end product packaging.


Waterlily - Chalk Fonts In Canva

Waterlily brings a delicate, floral touch to your designs, with each character blooming into the next. Ideal for wedding invitations, boutique branding, or any project that seeks to convey beauty, elegance, and a connection to nature.

What Makes The Best Chalk Fonts

The best chalk fonts, like Cabin Sketch and Homemade Apple, capture the essence of hand-drawn creativity and authenticity

This makes them a perfect choice for a variety of design projects, including wedding invitations and album covers.

These fonts closely mimic the texture and irregularity of actual chalk on a chalkboard, giving designs a genuine and organic feel.

Amatic SC and Permanent Marker, with their hand-drawn style, offer versatility, ranging from neat and clean to rough and smudged

Hence, they are suitable for everything from sophisticated wedding invitations to casual cafe menus.

Despite their artistic flair, these chalk fonts maintain readability, ensuring that the message is not lost in the design.

The detailed textures of Sprite Graffiti replicate the chalk effect and add depth and interest to typography.

With multiple weights and styles, they allow for flexible design options, helping create dynamic compositions for Canva templates and graphic design projects.

Good chalk fonts include a range of characters, symbols, and glyphs, offering designers the tools to create comprehensive and cohesive works.

For instance, Londrina Sketch embodies a unique and distinctive style, well-suited for designs that aim for a touch of urban or whimsical style, including greeting cards and educational materials.

Fonts like Cabin Sketch and Amatic SC are adaptable across various digital and print mediums, from social media graphics to printed posters, without losing their charm or readability.

Their hand-drawn aesthetic and brush strokes are ideal for designs seeking elegance and sophistication, resembling traditional calligraphy.

While Cabin Sketch, characterized by its bold and textured appearance, creates a strong presence on restaurant menus and educational materials.

For party invitations or branding materials, the sans-serif font offers a sophisticated style.

Final Thoughts

Picking great fonts is a challenge, but as design experts, our team is happy to have found the best chalk fonts in Canva, like Homemade Apple and Sprite Graffiti.

This ensures that your creative projects have a flowing and back-to-school appearance, ideal for formal documents and casual designs alike.

The best chalk fonts in Canva, characterized by their hand-drawn font and artistic flair, are versatile tools in a designer’s arsenal.

They are suited for everything from wedding invitations to educational materials, enhancing designs with their rustic charm and decorative style.

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