Fonts In Canva That Look Like Handwriting: Free Templates

In this guide, you get to explore fonts in Canva that look like handwriting, PLUS, use them all with free templates!

fonts in Canva that look like handwriting

Elevate Your Designs with Handwritten Fonts

Incorporating handwritten fonts in Canva into your designs is akin to adding a personal touch that speaks directly to your audience.

These fonts exude warmth and authenticity, creating an inviting atmosphere that standard typefaces often cannot achieve. They include both cursive and straight lettering but are not to be confused with script-style fonts like Pinyon Script.

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While standard typefaces provide consistency and readability, handwriting fonts bring personality and character, reflecting the human touch in their varied stroke weights and letterforms.

By choosing the right handwritten font, you can instantly uplift your design, making it more engaging and relatable to viewers, and effectively bridging the gap between digital and personal communication.

Top Handwriting Fonts Available for Free in Canva

From the whimsical charm of the Amsterdam font to the classic and modern flow of the Satisfy font, Canva offers a rich selection of handwritten fonts in Canva that cater to every creative market.

These free fonts are perfect for designers and non-designers alike, providing high-quality options that don’t compromise style. They are also versatile to pair with modern, serif, and san serif fonts.

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Engage your audience with typefaces that impart a sense of authenticity and creativity to your projects.

1. Alex Brush – A Brush Script Classic

Alex Brush Handwriting Font In Canva

Alex Brush is a classic brush script font known for its elegant and flowing hand lettering style. It’s perfect for invitations, titles, and any design that requires a touch of sophistication.

The refined loops and swift strokes of the Alex Brush font provide a professional yet personal feel, making it a favorite among Canva users for a variety of projects.

This font is particularly well-suited for formal occasions and high-end branding. Its elegant design makes it popular for wedding invitations, upscale restaurant menus, and boutique branding.

The fluidity of Alex Brush also lends itself beautifully to quotes, signatures, or any design element requiring a touch of finesse and personalization.

Despite its ornate nature, the font maintains excellent legibility, making it versatile for both digital and print mediums.

Alex Brush’s appeal lies in its ability to add a touch of elegance and personal flair, capturing the artistry of traditional brush calligraphy.

2. Amatic SC – Unique and Expressive

Amatic SC Handwriting Font In Canva

Amatic SC stands out for its unique and expressive qualities, perfect for when your design demands attention. It closely resembles handwriting done with a felt tip pen.

This font is characterized by its narrow, elongated letterforms and a somewhat uneven baseline, which gives it a spontaneous and handcrafted feel.

Amatic SC’s narrow and slightly irregular design mimics natural handwriting with a felt-tip pen, offering a relaxed vibe.

This font’s distinct style makes it particularly well-suited for projects that require a personal, artistic touch.

Its resemblance to felt tip pen writing lends a casual, approachable, and creative vibe, making it ideal for informal invitations, personal blogs, craft projects, or any design that benefits from a handmade aesthetic.

Amatic SC is versatile in its application, working well in both large and small sizes, and is effective for both headings and shorter text.

Its unique charm lies in its ability to convey warmth and personality, making it a popular choice for projects that aim to be friendly and inviting.

3. Amsterdam Three – Versatility in Weight

Amsterdam Three Handwriting Font In Canva

The Amsterdam Three font in Canva, embodies a personal and intimate style. This font features characters that mimic the natural, fluid motion of hand-written script, often displaying varied stroke widths and a slightly uneven, organic flow.

The letters in Amsterdam Three may have a casual, free-form quality, giving the impression of being quickly and spontaneously written.

This handwriting aspect of the font adds a personal, human touch to designs, making it ideal for projects that require a sense of authenticity and individuality.

Whether used for personal invitations, expressive headings, or creative branding, the Amsterdam Three font provides a warm and approachable feel.

Its overall appearance bridges the gap between professionalism and personal expression, offering a unique and engaging visual experience.

4. Beth Ellen – A Quirky Addition

Beth Ellen Handwriting Font In Canva

The Beth Ellen font is a handwritten typeface known for its casual and playful style. Its distinct characteristics include irregular, slightly uneven strokes, which give it a natural, hand-drawn feel.

This font often features a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters within words, enhancing its informal and whimsical appearance.

When used in a Halloween theme, Beth Ellen can add a quirky and lighthearted touch to the design. Its irregular letter shapes can evoke a sense of whimsy and fun, aligning well with more playful, family-friendly Halloween themes.

It’s particularly suitable for invitations, party decorations, or any Halloween-related materials that aim to be more charming and less frightening.

The font’s casual style can also pair well with illustrations or graphics that have a hand-drawn look, further contributing to a cohesive and engaging Halloween design.

5. Breathing – Textured and Dynamic

Breathing Handwriting Font In Canva

The Breathing font in Canva, with a brush stroke style, is a unique and artistic font that combines the elegance of traditional calligraphy with the boldness of contemporary brush art.

This font features characters that appear to be hand-painted with a brush, displaying distinct variations in thickness, texture, and fluidity typical of brush strokes.

The letters often have a slightly irregular form, contributing to a dynamic and expressive look.

This brush stroke style adds a touch of creativity and personality, making the Breathing font ideal for designs that require an artistic flair, such as creative branding, stylish advertising, or expressive personal projects.

Its combination of sophistication and artistic spontaneity makes it versatile for both formal and informal designs, where a sense of individuality and artistic expression is desired.

6. Brittany – Elegance in Simplicity

Brittany Handwriting Font In Canva

The Brittany font in Canva is a refined and elegant typeface characterized by its clean and sophisticated style.

It often features smooth, flowing lines with a balanced mix of classic and modern design elements.

The letters in the Brittany font are typically well-proportioned, offering a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

This font is versatile and suitable for a wide range of design applications, from professional business materials to stylish personal projects.

Its understated elegance makes it ideal for formal invitations, branding, and high-end promotional materials.

The overall look of the Brittany font is polished and chic, lending a touch of class and refinement to any design it graces.

7. Handyman – Friendly and Inviting Font

Handyman Handwriting Font In Canva

The Handyman font in Canva is a handwritten-style typeface that exudes a casual and approachable feel.

Its characters appear as though they were written quickly but neatly and with a personal touch, featuring varied stroke widths and slightly irregular areas.

This font captures the essence of a note or message written by hand, making it perfect for designs that require a sense of authenticity and informality.

The Handyman font is ideal for projects that need a human touch, like personal blogs, creative projects, informal invitations, or DIY-themed content.

Its relaxed and friendly appearance helps to create a connection with the viewer, adding a sense of individuality and warmth to the design.

8. Holiday – Modern Handwriting Style

Holiday Handwriting Font In Canva

The Holiday font in Canva, resembling handwriting with an ink pen, is a stylish and elegant typeface.

This font mimics the fluid, organic lines and subtle variations in stroke thickness that are typical of pen ink on paper.

It captures the personal touch and charm of hand-written text, often incorporating slight irregularities and variations that give it a unique and individual feel.

The Holiday font’s handwritten style makes it ideal for designs that require a personal, intimate touch, such as invitations, greeting cards, and special announcements.

Its graceful and flowing appearance adds a level of sophistication and warmth to any design, making it particularly suitable for occasions that call for a blend of elegance and personalization.

9. Homemade Apple – The Epitome of Casual Elegance

Homemade Apple Handwriting Font In Canva

Homemade Apple encapsulates the quintessential handwriting look, reminiscent of notes jotted down in a personal journal.

This font features irregular, slightly varied strokes, reminiscent of a quick, handwritten note. The letters are characterized by their uneven alignment and varying sizes.

Homemade Apple feels like a message from a friend, with its casual, unrefined charm. This font is perfect for designs that aim to be intimate and personable, from cafe menus to personal blogs.

While it’s more decorative than formal, its legibility is maintained, making it versatile for both small passages of text and larger headings.

The font’s unique character lies in its ability to evoke the feeling of a note written by hand, adding a personal touch to digital communications.

10. Lemon Tuesday – Hand-Crafted Appeal

Lemon Tuesday Handwriting Font In Canva

Lemon Tuesday showcases a casual and somewhat irregular design, mirroring the spontaneity of hand-drawn ink or brush strokes.

The font’s characters are characterized by their varied line weights, with some strokes appearing thick and bold, while others are fine and delicate. This contrast adds a dynamic and lively quality to the text.

Lemon Tuesday is particularly well-suited for projects like invitations, greeting cards, social media graphics, and any design element that benefits from a casual, hand-lettered feel.

Its uneven baseline and varying heights of the characters contribute to its laid-back, approachable charm.

While Lemon Tuesday has a distinctive personality, it maintains a level of legibility that allows it to be used in both short phrases and longer texts.

This versatility makes it a popular choice among designers looking to infuse their work with a sense of individuality and flair, without compromising on readability.

11. Permanent Marker – Bold and Assertive

Permanent Marker Handwriting Font In Canva

When your message needs to be loud and clear, Permanent Marker is the go-to font.

With its bold and assertive presence, this typeface mimics the thick strokes of a well-inked marker and the distinctive flair of a confident hand.

This font is characterized by its heavy, somewhat irregular lines, and a distinct hand-drawn appearance.

The letters often display varying degrees of pressure and stroke thickness, typical of handwriting with a marker, adding a sense of authenticity and spontaneity to the text.

The font’s casual and expressive style makes it an excellent choice for designs that aim to convey a sense of energy, creativity, or informality.

It is perfect for impactful headlines, powerful calls to action, or any design element that needs to assert dominance and draw immediate attention.

12. Playlist Script – Perfect for Celebratory Designs

Playlist Script Handwriting Font In Canva

Playlist Script is a contemporary, handwritten calligraphy font known for its playful and elegant style.

It features fluid, sweeping strokes and varying line weights, creating a dynamic and expressive look.

The font’s characters include beautifully crafted, connected letterforms that exhibit a natural, flowing rhythm, reminiscent of traditional calligraphy but with a modern twist.

Its script style makes it perfect for wedding invitations, greeting cards, branding for beauty or fashion industries, and any project that demands an artistic, handcrafted feel.

Playlist Script’s versatility extends to digital platforms as well, making it suitable for website headers, social media graphics, and online advertisements where an elegant, yet approachable look is desired.

13. Satisfy – Classic Penmanship

Satisfy Handwriting Font In Canva

The Satisfy font in Canva is a handwriting-style typeface that exudes charm and elegance.

This font captures the fluidity and grace of traditional cursive handwriting, featuring smooth, flowing lines and a cohesive, connected script.

The letters in the Satisfy font are typically characterized by a natural variation in stroke width, which adds a dynamic and organic feel to the text.

Its style is reminiscent of classic, hand-written penmanship but with a modern twist, making it versatile for both contemporary and vintage-inspired designs.

Ideal for applications where a personal touch is desired, such as wedding invitations, personalized stationery, or boutique branding, the Satisfy font brings an element of sophistication and warmth.

Its overall aesthetic is both approachable and stylish, lending itself well to designs that seek to convey elegance and a handcrafted feel.

14. Sulu Script – Casual Freehand Font

Sulu Script Handwriting Font In Canva

The Sulu Script font in Canva is a handwriting-style typeface, known for its playful and whimsical characteristics, as seen used for the contact number in the template here.

This font captures the essence of casual, freehand script, with letters that exhibit a relaxed and spontaneous quality.

The characters in Sulu Script often feature irregular shapes and varying stroke widths, reminiscent of quick, hand-drawn letters.

This font’s informal and friendly style makes it perfect for designs that aim to be approachable and personable, such as invitations, casual business branding, or creative projects that require a touch of whimsy and charm.

The overall look of Sulu Script is engaging and lively, making it a great choice for designs that seek to convey a sense of fun, creativity, and individuality.

15. TC Chaddlewood – Perfect for Educational Themes

TC Chaddlewood Handwriting Font In Canva

The TC Chaddlewood font is a clean, legible typeface with a straightforward and unembellished design.

Characterized by its neat and clear letterforms, it resembles the kind of writing one might see on a whiteboard.

This font features uniform stroke widths and a balanced spacing between characters, which contributes to its overall clarity and readability.

This makes it a fitting choice for instructional videos, educational materials, or any digital content aiming to replicate a whiteboard’s informal yet informative atmosphere.

Additionally, its clean lines ensure that it remains readable even when written in smaller sizes, which is often necessary for detailed diagrams or complex presentations.

TC Chaddlewood font packs a punch of personality. This typeface is far from generic, bringing a unique presence to any project it is a part of.

With its distinctive character and expressive style, it’s perfect for brands or individuals who want to stand out and make a statement that’s both bold and personal.

16. Twister – Bringing Personality to the Table

Twister Handwriting Font In Canva

The Twister font in Canva is a decorative and playful typeface characterized by its whimsical and dynamic style.

It typically features letterforms that appear twisted or contorted, giving the impression of movement and energy.

This font often includes unique variations in the shape and orientation of its characters, which can resemble a swirling or spiraling effect, akin to a twister.

It’s a great choice for designs that aim to be eye-catching and fun, such as party invitations, children’s event posters, quirky branding, or any artistic project that calls for a touch of whimsy.

The font’s distinctive style can also make it an excellent option for titles or headings in graphic designs, where a strong visual impact is desired.

However, due to its decorative nature, the Twister font might be less appropriate for body text or contexts requiring high legibility. It’s best used in moderation, as an accent font to add character and flair to a design.

Unleash the Power of Handwriting Fonts in Your Canva Designs

Handwriting fonts add a unique touch to your designs, infusing them with personality and warmth that traditional typefaces can’t match.

Whether you’re aiming for a gentle handwritten vibe with thin lines for book covers or a bold font that makes a statement, the fonts available in Canva cater to a variety of projects.

A casual script like the Brittany Font is well-suited for projects with a friendly feel, while an elegant font like Euphoria Script elevates formal and elegant themes, perfect for wedding invitations.

Canva’s design tools empower you to express your creative vision with ease. From the vibrant graffiti-like style of Londrina Sketch to the delicate font of Satisfy, every font is inspired by the art of handwriting.

They offer not just a versatility in design but also a chance to make your mark with a signature style.

So, whether you’re working on chic branding, food-related projects, or just adding a personal touch, the handwritten style fonts and Canva make an unbeatable team for your next masterpiece.

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