9 Best Fonts For Funeral Program With Free Canva Templates

In this guide, you’ll discover how to craft a meaningful funeral program for a memorial service, integrating the right font, design elements, and personal touches. You’ll also learn about the best font for funeral program using Canva.

best font for funeral program in canva

Why use Canva? Canva is a simple graphic design platform and you can use the following DIY funeral program templates to customize and edit. They are available for immediate download and print when you are ready.

Crafting the Right Font for A Funeral Program

Creating your own funeral program for a memorial or funeral service requires careful consideration, particularly in choosing the right font.

Whether using Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, or an online editor, selecting the best font is a critical first step in the design process.

Serif Fonts for a Formal Touch

  1. Times New Roman: A popular Roman font, Times New Roman offers easy legibility and a polished look, making it a great choice for body text in funeral programs.
  2. Garamond: An elegant font, perfect for including important information like full legal name, date of birth, and date of death.
  3. Baskerville: Known for its professional appearance, suitable for funeral orders of service or obituary flyers.

Script Fonts for Personalization

Script fonts add a personalized touch to your memorial program, ideal for highlighting a favourite poem or meaningful quote. However, they should be used judiciously to maintain readability.

  1. Edwardian Script: An ornate font, excellent for titles or a personal message.
  2. Brush Script: Adds a soft, personal touch to funeral templates, ideal for a family member’s favourite saying.

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Sans Serif Fonts for Modern Elegance

Sans-serif fonts provide a contemporary feel to DIY funeral programs, ensuring clarity and a clean layout.

  1. Arial: A sans-serif font offering maximum flexibility for different styles and orders of service.
  2. Helvetica: A simple yet elegant choice, suitable for both body text and headings.

Combining Different Fonts

Mixing different fonts, like a serif for the body and a script or italic font for headings, can create a beautiful layout in a funeral program.

This approach is a great way to balance elegance and personalization, especially in DIY funeral program templates.

Fonts For Funeral Programs With Free Canva Templates

1. Alice

Alice - Best Font For Funeral Program

Alice is a refined and elegant serif typeface. Its delicate and graceful strokes evoke a sense of classic literature and timeless sophistication.

This font is versatile and well-suited for both the title and the main body of text in a funeral program, such as the obituary or eulogies.

Its high readability and traditional aesthetic lend a comforting sense of familiarity and dignity to the content.

2. Amsterdam Two With Tenor Sans

Amsterdam Two With Tenor Sans - Best Font For Funeral Program

Amsterdam Two and Tenor Sans pairing combines the artistic flair of Amsterdam Two with the clean, modern simplicity of Tenor Sans.

Amsterdam Two, with its script-like, flowing characteristics, brings an artistic and personal touch to the program. It’s ideal for highlighting names or titles, adding a touch of elegance and personalization.

Tenor Sans, on the other hand, is a more straightforward, sans-serif font. Its clarity and simplicity make it perfect for the main body of text, ensuring ease of reading while maintaining a contemporary feel.

Together, these fonts create a balance between expressive handwriting and modern minimalism, suitable for a tasteful and dignified funeral program.

3. Bentham With DM Sans

Bentham With DM Sans - Best Font For Funeral Program

The pairing of Bentham and DM Sans offers a harmonious blend of traditional and modern typefaces. Bentham, with its strong serifs and elegant structure, is reminiscent of classic print, bringing a sense of time-honored dignity and solemnity.

It is ideal for titles and headers, adding a stately and formal tone. DM Sans, a clean and contemporary sans-serif font, complements Bentham with its unassuming clarity and modernity.

It works excellently for body text, ensuring that longer passages are easily legible and unobtrusive. This pairing successfully marries the old with the new, creating a funeral program that is both respectful and accessible, with a nod to tradition underlined by modern sensibilities.

4. Bodoni FLF With Now

Bodoni FLF With Now - Best Font For Funeral Program

Bodoni FLF paired with Now is a combination that brings together the timeless elegance of Bodoni FLF with the crisp modernity of Now.

Bodoni FLF, a serif font, is known for its dramatic contrast between thick and thin strokes, embodying a classic and formal style.

It is ideal for the main titles and names, giving them prominence and a touch of sophistication. Now, a straightforward sans-serif font, contrasts well with Bodoni FLF’s formality.

Its clean and contemporary design is excellent for body text, ensuring good readability for longer passages.

This pairing is perfect for a funeral program that seeks to balance traditional respectfulness with a modern and approachable look.

5. Great Vibes With Lora

Great Vibes With Lora - Best Font For Funeral Program

Great Vibes combined with Lora presents a harmonious blend of flowing script and serene serifs. Great Vibes, with its elegant and flowing script style, adds a personal and heartfelt touch.

It’s particularly suitable for highlighting names or special dedications, bringing a sense of individuality and affection to the program.

Lora, a well-balanced serif font, complements the flourish of Great Vibes with its clear and grounded appearance. Its excellent readability makes it a superb choice for the body of the text, such as the obituary or poems.

Together, these fonts create a funeral program that feels both personal and dignified, beautifully merging expressive handwriting with the tranquility of traditional type.

6. Im Fell With PT Sans

Im Fell With PT Sans - Best Font For Funeral Program

IM Fell paired with PT Sans is a combination that marries the historical elegance of IM Fell with the clean, uncluttered lines of PT Sans.

IM Fell, a serif font, is steeped in history, reminiscent of traditional print and manuscript styles. Its classic and formal appearance is ideal for headers and titles, adding a sense of gravitas and historical respect.

PT Sans, in contrast, is a contemporary sans-serif font. Its straightforward and legible style is perfect for body text, providing ease of reading while complementing the more ornate IM Fell.

This pairing is excellent for a funeral program that aims to respect tradition while maintaining clarity and modern accessibility.

7. Moontime With Josefin Sans

Moontime With Josefin Sans - Best Font For Funeral Program

Moontime combined with Josefin Sans offers a pairing that blends whimsical elegance with sleek modernity. Moontime, with its unique and flowing script style, adds a touch of artistic flair and personalization.

It is especially suited for featured names or special quotes, bringing a distinctive and heartfelt quality to the program.

Josefin Sans, a geometric sans-serif font, contrasts nicely with Moontime’s expressiveness. Its clean and minimalist design is ideal for the main body text, ensuring legibility and a contemporary feel.

Together, these fonts create a funeral program that is both emotionally resonant and stylishly modern, striking a balance between expressiveness and simplicity.

8. Old Standard

Old Standard - Best Font For Funeral Program

Old Standard, used alone, offers a different approach. This font is a revival of the classic “old-style” typefaces, resembling the printing styles of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

It carries a historical and academic aura, reminiscent of classical literature and scholarly works. Old Standard’s serifs and moderate contrast make it highly legible and versatile for both headings and body text.

By using Old Standard throughout the funeral program, one can achieve a coherent and time-honored look, evoking a sense of nostalgia and reverence.

This font choice is particularly fitting for a program that aims to reflect a deep sense of history and enduring respect.

9. Playfair Display With Lato

Playfair Display With Lato - Best Font For Funeral Program

Playfair Display paired with Lato is a blend of classic refinement and contemporary sleekness.

Playfair Display, a serif font, draws inspiration from the 18th-century European Enlightenment and the transition from quill to pointed steel pen.

This font’s elegant and high-contrast letterforms impart a sense of traditional grandeur, making it perfect for headings, names, or titles. Its sophisticated style honors the gravity of the occasion.

Lato, a modern sans-serif font, complements Playfair Display with its humanist character and open structure. The clarity and simplicity of Lato make it ideal for body text, ensuring readability and a subtle, contemporary feel.

This pairing effectively balances ornate classicism with modern minimalism, suitable for a funeral program that values both tradition and accessibility.

Key Considerations in Designing Funeral Programs

  • Font Size and Readability: Ensure your funeral program’s font size is comfortable for all attendees, including older family members. Larger font sizes are preferable for headings and important details.
  • Incorporating Personal Details: Include a cover photo, full name, and dates. You can even add a simple border in Canva or religious symbols for a more personalized printed memorial.
  • Design Elements and Layout: Use white space effectively, and consider different color themes or small caps for a unique touch. The layout should reflect the specific needs and personal preference of the deceased or their family.
  • Online Resources and Templates: Utilize online resources like funeral program sites like Canva for pre-selected fonts and collections of DIY funeral program templates for immediate download. These templates offer a wide variety of styles, providing utmost importance to personal touches and design elements.
  • Professional Designers and Tools: If designing your own program seems daunting, consider enlisting professional designers or using tools like Google Docs for additional guidance and flexibility.

Remember, the goal in creating a funeral program is to offer a meaningful tribute and memorialize the life of a loved one.

Whether you choose to go for a DIY approach with any platform or seek professional help, the right choice of font, design elements, and personal details will result in a respectful and beautiful funeral program.

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