17 Free Signature Fonts In Canva

A signature font refers to a type of font or typeface that mimics the style and appearance of a person’s handwritten signature or handwriting. Yet, not all fonts that look like handwriting in Canva can be considered signature fonts.

What are the signature fonts in Canva? Dive in here to find out.

signature fonts in canva

1. Amsterdam Four

Amsterdam Four - Signature Fonts In Canva

Amsterdam Four is the quintessence of elegance, designed to capture the eye with its sophisticated yet fluid style.

Perfect for those seeking a signature font that combines the delicacy of handcrafted artistry with a modern twist.

It’s ideal for wedding invitations, branding materials, and personal blogs that aim to leave a lasting impression.

2. Amsterdam One

Amsterdam One - Signature Fonts In Canva

With its unique blend of casual and contemporary, Amsterdam One offers a more relaxed vibe without sacrificing style.

This font is akin to a breezy day; it’s light, inviting, and effortlessly stylish. It suits creative projects that require a touch of personality, from social media graphics to personalized stationery.

3. Amsterdam Three

Amsterdam Three - Signature Fonts In Canva

Amsterdam Three presents a balance between flair and function, making it a versatile choice for various design needs.

This font has a slightly more pronounced character than its siblings, providing depth and a dynamic edge to your creations.

It’s particularly effective for signatures that need to stand out, such as in logo design or promotional materials.

4. Amsterdam Two

Amsterdam Two - Signature Fonts In Canva

The playful sibling in the Amsterdam family, Amsterdam Two, brings warmth and a sense of joy to any design.

It’s characterized by its lively strokes and a carefree attitude, making it perfect for brands or projects that want to project a friendly and approachable image.

From newsletters to personal branding, this font adds a personal touch that’s hard to overlook.

5. Beautifully Delicious

Beautifully Delicious - Signature Fonts In Canva

Beautifully Delicious embodies the sweet spot between elegance and whimsy, crafting signatures that seem to dance off the page.

It’s the perfect choice for brands or individuals looking to inject a sense of joy and creativity into their visual identity.

This font shines in contexts where a touch of warmth and approachability is desired, making it a go-to for bakery logos, food blogging, and lifestyle branding.

6. Brilliant Signature

Brilliant Signature - Signature Fonts In Canva

As the name suggests, Brilliant Signature is all about bringing a personal, handwritten touch to digital spaces.

This font flows effortlessly, mimicking the natural variations of hand script, making it ideal for designers aiming to infuse authenticity into their creations.

Use Brilliant Signature to elevate business cards, email signatures, and personal websites with its graceful presence.

7. Brittany

Brittany - Signature Fonts In Canva

Brittany is a font that speaks of sophistication and refinement. With its clean lines and subtle elegance, it lends a professional yet personal feel to any project.

Its versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, from luxury brand identities to professional portfolios, ensuring that your signature stands out with class and style.

8. Gistesy

Gistesy - Signature Fonts In Canva

Gistesy is a vibrant, playful font that captures the essence of spontaneity and charm. Its unique character makes it perfect for projects that aim to stand out and convey a sense of fun and uniqueness.

Whether it’s for social media graphics, creative invitations, or quirky branding, Gistesy adds a lively, personalized touch that is unforgettable.

9. Holiday

Holiday - Signature Fonts In Canva

Holiday sweeps in with the joy and relaxation its name implies, offering a casual yet beautifully crafted style reminiscent of carefree days and personal notes left on a beachside cabana.

This font is perfect for designs that aim to evoke a sense of ease and warmth, making it ideal for travel blogs, informal invitations, and any project that wishes to embody the spirit of vacation and leisure.

10. Jonathan

Jonathan - Signature Fonts In Canva

Jonathan brings a touch of classic elegance and a personal touch to the digital sphere. Its clean, flowing lines suggest a blend of traditional handwriting with modern minimalism.

This makes it a versatile choice for personal branding, formal invitations, and any context where a touch of sophistication is desired without losing the personal connection.

11. Mistrully

Mistrully - Signature Fonts In Canva

Mistrully is a font that dances between creativity and chaos, offering a wildly unique script that captures attention and sparks imagination.

It’s as if each letter tells its own story, making Mistrully perfect for artistic projects, creative portfolios, and any design that aims to break the mold and stand out with its individuality and flair.

12. Moontime

Moontime - Signature Fonts In Canva

Moontime emerges with a dreamy, ethereal quality, its letters flowing like phases of the moon — from crescent to full — weaving magic into words.

This font is tailor-made for projects that aim to inspire, enchant, and transport the audience to realms beyond the ordinary.

Whether it’s for mystical branding, fantasy book covers, or whimsical event invitations, Moontime adds a touch of the celestial to the signature it forms.

13. Shadow Script

Shadow Script - Signature Fonts In Canva

Shadow Script whispers tales of elegance and mystery, drawing inspiration from the nuanced play of light and shadow.

Its characters are adorned with delicate shadows, suggesting depth and dimension that elevate a simple signature into a statement of sophistication.

Ideal for luxury branding, exclusive invitations, and any project that desires to blend the traditional with a hint of intrigue.

14. Signature

Signature - Signature Fonts In Canva

True to its name, Signature stands as the quintessential choice for anyone seeking to replicate the authenticity and fluidity of a handwritten autograph.

This font captures the essence of personal touch, with each stroke designed to mimic the uniqueness of pen on paper.

It’s perfect for personal branding, digital signatures, and any context where the goal is to convey genuineness and sincerity.

15. Themysion

Themysion - Signature Fonts In Canva

Themysion brings a touch of ancient elegance to the modern world, with letterforms that resonate with the grace of historical scripts yet are crafted for contemporary appeal.

This font suits those looking to infuse their signatures with a timeless quality, making it suitable for high-end branding, ceremonial occasions, and literary works that aim to leave a lasting impression.

16. Twister

Twister - Signature Fonts In Canva

With an air of playfulness and dynamism, Twister captures the spirit of spontaneity and movement.

Its letters seem to dance and twist, creating signatures that are lively and captivating. This font is an excellent choice for creative projects, informal branding, and any design that aims to project energy, fun, and a youthful vibe.

17. Virtual

Virtual - Signature Fonts In Canva

Virtual ventures into the realm of the futuristic, with sleek, clean lines that speak of innovation and digital sophistication.

This font is tailor-made for the tech-savvy, for brands and projects that align with themes of technology, the digital age, and forward-thinking.

It offers a signature that is both modern and minimalistic, embodying the essence of the virtual world.

Signature Fonts Defined

Signature fonts are designed to convey the personal touch, uniqueness, and individuality of a handwritten signature, often incorporating fluid strokes, varying thicknesses, and the natural imperfections found in handwriting.

They are commonly used in digital design to add a personal, authentic feel to logos, branding materials, digital signatures, invitations, greeting cards, and personal correspondence.

The appeal of signature fonts lies in their ability to combine the personal, intimate aspect of a handwritten note with the convenience and reproducibility of digital text. They often exhibit characteristics such as:

  • Varied Stroke Weights: Mimicking the pressure variations of a pen or brush, resulting in dynamic, varied stroke weights within the letters.
  • Cursive or Script Style: Many signature fonts are in cursive or script style, featuring connected letters that flow together, similar to traditional handwriting.
  • Unique Letterforms: Signature fonts may include unique letter shapes and flourishes that reflect personal quirks or artistic styles found in actual handwriting.
  • Informal Layout: The arrangement of letters and spacing might be more informal or varied, further enhancing the handwritten appearance.

Signature fonts are particularly effective for projects where a human touch is desired, helping to create a more personalized and approachable image.

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