27 Best Old English Fonts On Canva For Free

You’ve landed on the right article because we’re about to do a deep dive into uncovering Old English fonts that can be found on Canva for free.

old english fonts on canva

I know scrolling endlessly down the font list in Canva can make you sleepy, and worst of all, a bummer when you find a great-looking Old English font that can only be used by Pro users.

As someone who has worked round the clock using Canva since 2012, I’ve documented the various fonts that I’ve used and worked well in various designs that need an old English style.

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Best Free Canva Fonts With Old English Feel

If you’re looking for a free Old English font in Canva to use in your designs, Canva has a great selection to choose from. Here are the best Old English fonts that you can use in your Canva designs for free!

Simply select the one you like, copy the font name here, and paste it into the search bar of your Canva font section to use it.

1. Abibas

abibas old english fonts in canva

The Abibas font is a lively, contemporary typeface that captures the essence of modern style and informal elegance. Its sleek design features a distinctive blend of rounded and sharp contours, creating a harmonious balance between softness and precision.

The letters have a robust and commanding presence, characterized by clean lines and simplicity that make it a perfect choice for powerful and effective communication.

It exudes a sporty vibe, and its relaxed aesthetics make it an excellent choice for casual apparel branding, digital designs, or any project seeking a youthful and energetic tone.

Moreover, its legibility even at smaller sizes ensures its versatility across various mediums. In essence, Abibas stands as a testament to the power of simplicity and the impact of a modern touch in typography today.

2. Agnets

agnets old english fonts in canva

A font that personifies grace and fluidity, Agnets is a beautifully designed typeface that captures the allure of the handwritten script. Its flowing, interconnected characters are reminiscent of classic calligraphy, giving the typeface a romantic and somewhat nostalgic ambiance.

Every stroke in the Agnets font tells a story, with elegant curves and subtle variations in thickness that dance across the page. It’s a perfect choice for artistic projects, wedding invitations, or any design that requires a personalized and elegant touch.

Its ability to evoke emotion and a sense of charm makes Agnets more than just a font—it’s a visual poetry that adds a layer of depth and beauty to any text.

3. Brixton

brixton old english fonts in canva

The Brixton font is a compelling combination of contemporary aesthetics and retro inspiration. Its bold, handcrafted characteristics are defined by strong lines and softened edges, making it a distinctive choice for a variety of design projects.

The typeface captures the essence of urban street style, offering an edgy vibe that stands out in the crowd.

Each character in Brixton is carefully crafted, presenting a visual dynamism that commands attention. Its rugged aesthetics make it ideal for logos, headlines, and branding initiatives that seek to communicate authenticity and uniqueness.

Despite its bold nature, Brixton maintains a high level of legibility, even when used in smaller sizes or dense blocks of text.

With its cool, vintage appeal, Brixton successfully bridges the gap between the past and present, making it a versatile addition to any typographic toolbox.

4. Celandine

celandine sc old english fonts in canva

The Celandine font is a captivating display of elegance and artistry.

Its style is rooted in the fluidity of script typography, characterized by smooth curves and a harmonious flow of letterforms. The strokes intertwine seamlessly, creating an aura of sophistication and romance.

Celandine is a perfect choice for applications requiring an added layer of finesse, such as wedding invitations, certificates, or boutique branding. The typeface exudes a timeless charm, yet adapts well to modern design sensibilities.

The subtle variations in line thickness and the delicate balance between letters give Celandine an appealing dynamism that makes every piece of text a work of art.

Its calligraphy-inspired aesthetics evoke a sense of nostalgia while offering a fresh perspective on script typography.

5. Celandine Outline

celandine old english fonts in canva

A counterpart to Celandine, this font retains the fluidity of the original but has its letters outlined. This feature adds depth and complexity, ideal for highlighting text in a stylish, artistic way.

The Celandine Outline font is an enchanting extension of the original Celandine script-style font.

The magic lies in its intricate detailing, where the elegant curves and swashes are outlined, creating a unique depth and dimension.

This captivating feature introduces an artistic twist to the design, giving it a graceful yet bold aesthetic.

The font’s letters weave together beautifully, maintaining the charm and fluidity of the original.

Its outlined form creates a striking contrast against various backgrounds, making it a standout choice for designing invitations, logos, posters, or any project that requires a sophisticated touch with a creative edge.

Despite its intricate design, Celandine Outline maintains excellent legibility and adds a layer of intrigue to any written text, transforming it into a visual spectacle.

6. Diplomatic SC

diplomatic sc old english fonts in canva

The Diplomatic SC font is a reflection of grandeur and formality.

As a serif typeface that is exclusively uppercase, its design exhibits an authoritative and traditional aesthetic, making it perfect for applications that require a dignified and ceremonial look.

The tall, bold characters of Diplomatic SC are precisely drawn with a rigid structure, evoking a sense of order and discipline.

Its regal and commanding nature makes it a suitable choice for official documents, certificates, titles, or any context where formality is key.

The sharp serifs and even spacing of the font enhance its readability and add to its classic charm. In essence, Diplomatic SC stands as a testament to the timeless beauty of traditional typography.

7. Distillery Strong

distillary strong old english fonts in canva

Distillery Strong is a potent and robust typeface, embodying a perfect blend of vintage aesthetics and modern design principles. It’s like one of those cowboyish, Canva retro fonts.

This powerful typeface features hefty, dense characters complemented by subtle serifs, creating a unique balance between strength and elegance.

Its strong and impactful nature makes Distillery Strong an excellent choice for designs that aim to leave a lasting impression.

It is particularly effective for bold headlines, striking advertising campaigns, poster designs, and branding initiatives.

Despite its hefty form, the font maintains high legibility, ensuring its adaptability across different design mediums and sizes.

8. Doppler

doppler old english fonts in canva

The Doppler font is a cutting-edge, dynamic typeface that resonates with the pulse of modernity. Characterized by sleek, angular lines and a futuristic aesthetic, Doppler embodies the essence of innovation and progress.

Its design is simple yet intriguing, giving a nod to the aesthetics of science and technology.

The sharp angles and clean contours of Doppler letters create a sense of speed and motion, making it an excellent choice for designs related to the tech industry, science fiction, or any project aiming for a contemporary, avant-garde feel.

Its unique design ensures high impact and visibility, while its careful balance of form and function guarantees excellent readability.

Doppler’s modern and progressive design breathes life into any text, transforming it into a captivating visual experience.

9. Elika Gorica

elika gorica old english fonts in canva

Elika Gorica is a stylish, versatile serif typeface that beautifully marries classic typographic principles with a fresh, contemporary feel.

Its well-proportioned letters are characterized by smooth curves, creating a pleasing visual rhythm that engages the reader.

Each character is crafted with care, resulting in a cohesive aesthetic that exudes an understated elegance.

Despite its classic inspiration, Elika Gorica fits seamlessly into modern design contexts. It’s a superb choice for a variety of applications, from editorial design to branding.

Its balanced forms ensure high legibility, making it as functional as it is attractive.

Whether used for body text or titles, Elika Gorica delivers a tasteful, polished look that adds a touch of sophistication to any design.

10. Engravers’ Old English BT

engravers old english fonts in canva

Taking inspiration from the rich history of English typography, Engravers’ Old English BT is a blackletter typeface that breathes life into the past.

It showcases intricate, ornate letterforms that echo the grandeur of medieval manuscripts and Gothic architecture.

The typeface’s characteristically dense strokes and sharp, angular lines add an air of antiquity to its design. Fun fact! The word “Reputation” of Taylor Swift’s album uses this font.

Engravers’ Old English BT is the perfect choice for projects that seek to evoke a sense of history, tradition, or mystery. It’s ideal for certificates, book covers, labels, or any design that benefits from a touch of old-world charm.

Despite its intricate design, this typeface maintains excellent legibility, making it a functional yet visually compelling option for various typographic needs.

11. EFCO Brookshire

EFCO Brookshire old English fonts on Canva

The EFCO Brookshire font is a delightful script-style typeface that speaks volumes of casual sophistication. With flowing letters that exhibit a sense of rhythm, the design captures a balance between elegance and playfulness.

Its varying strokes mimic the natural movement of hand lettering, lending the typeface a personalized touch.

Every character in EFCO Brookshire is masterfully crafted, exhibiting an interplay of light and dark, hard and soft, formal and informal.

This versatile font is a perfect choice for branding, advertising, and any design project requiring a personal and artisanal touch.

It shines in settings where it can showcase its full range of beautifully flowing curves and washes.

Its high legibility and striking appearance make EFCO Brookshire a treasure for designers looking to infuse a sense of character into their work.

12. Germania One

germania old english fonts in canva

Inspired by vintage German typography, Germania One is a unifying mix of geometric and blackletter styles. Its robust design exudes a sense of power, perfect for display uses.

Germania One is a bold and dynamic typeface that draws its inspiration from the eclectic mix of sans-serif and blackletter typefaces typically found in German typography.

Its design is characterized by a blend of modern simplicity and the ornate aesthetics of historical letterforms, making it a unique and versatile choice.

Each character in Germania One is carefully constructed, featuring sharp angles and strong vertical strokes that lend the typeface a commanding presence.

It stands out in headline and display uses, where its unique qualities can be appreciated in all their glory.

Yet, it retains excellent legibility even in smaller sizes, making it a functional choice for a wide range of applications.

13. Grenze

grenze old english fonts in canva

This fusion of Roman and blackletter styles results in Grenze, a typeface combining precision with flair. Its distinctive hybrid look suits contemporary headlines and branding.

The Grenze font is a striking blend of contrasting typographic traditions, merging elements of serif and blackletter typefaces into a cohesive and compelling design.

The result is a typeface that has a distinctive personality, characterized by high contrast, sharp serifs, and a dynamic interplay of forms.

Each character in Grenze is carefully crafted, with heavy strokes counterbalanced by delicate curves.

The hybrid aesthetic of the font gives it a modern yet slightly Gothic feel, making it a unique choice for projects that require a bold and dramatic touch.

From attention-grabbing headlines to impactful poster designs, Grenze makes a statement and adds a touch of theatricality to any design project.

14. Halja

halja old english fonts in canva

Inspired by the intricacies of blackletter scripts, Halja is a captivating typeface that combines the allure of historical typography with a contemporary twist.

Its ornate letterforms echo the beauty of handcrafted calligraphy, bringing an element of charm and sophistication to its design.

The characters of Halja feature intricate strokes and swashes, making each letter a small work of art.

Despite its complex detailing, the font maintains high legibility, making it a functional as well as a visually pleasing choice.

Halja shines in applications where its artistic qualities can be fully showcased, such as on book covers, posters, and branding.

Its exquisite design and captivating aesthetics make Halja a testament to the beauty and complexity of typography.

15. IM Fell English SC

im fell english old english fonts in canva

The IM Fell English SC font is a revival of the classic typeface designs of Peter De Walpergen and Christoffel van Dijck, lending a historical and scholarly charm to modern typography.

This serif typeface is exclusively set in uppercase, creating a formal, authoritative presence that’s perfect for official documents, book covers, or historical content.

Each character in IM Fell English SC is carefully crafted, featuring crisp lines and well-balanced proportions.

The font exhibits a unique blend of robustness and elegance, echoing the craftsmanship of 17th-century typography while providing a timeless appeal.

Its traditional aesthetic and excellent legibility make it a versatile choice for both print and digital mediums.

IM Fell English SC is more than a font; it’s a tribute to the rich history of typography, capturing the essence of classic letterforms in a contemporary context.

16. Indi Kazka

indi kazka old english fonts in canva

Indi Kazka is a captivating typeface that conveys a unique fusion of traditional and modern aesthetics.

Although it incorporates elements from various styles, the result is a font with a distinct identity of its own.

Its letterforms are defined by clear and crisp lines, with a well-balanced mix of straight and curved strokes that give it an interesting visual dynamic.

Each character in Indi Kazka is meticulously crafted, contributing to the overall harmony and flow of the typeface.

Despite its complex structure, the font maintains high legibility, making it a versatile choice for a range of applications.

Whether used in print or digital media, body text or headlines, Indi Kazka offers a visually appealing and highly readable solution.

Its interesting mix of styles and high functionality make it an invaluable tool for designers, transforming simple text into a visually engaging experience.

17. Isabella

isabella old english fonts in canva

The Isabella font is a beautiful, calligraphic, script-style typeface that embodies elegance and charm.

Designed by John Stracke and inspired by the handwriting of his wife, Isabella, this font is notable for its delicate and graceful letterforms.

The Isabella typeface manages to maintain a sense of fluidity throughout its character set, giving a handwritten feel that’s personal and appealing.

Each character in the Isabella font is thoughtfully designed with variable line thickness, rounded forms, and tasteful flourishes.

This balance between form and function results in a highly legible script typeface that doesn’t compromise aesthetics.

Its beautiful design makes it a popular choice for invitations, headers, logos, or any design context that requires an elegant touch.

18. ITC Blackadder

itc blackadder old english fonts in canva

The ITC Blackadder font is a true embodiment of character and flair in typographical design.

This unique script typeface, developed by renowned designer Bob Anderton, exudes a charm reminiscent of medieval times.

Every stroke resonates with the artistic quirks of antique handwriting and creates a distinctly Gothic yet elegant aesthetic.

ITC Blackadder’s letters are characterized by sweeping, variable-width strokes and a slightly uneven baseline, giving the typeface a sense of rhythmic dynamism and a hand-painted feel.

Its letters seem to dance across the page, each character possessing a unique personality, adding an element of surprise and delight to the reading experience. Despite its ornate styling, the font remains highly legible, even in smaller sizes.

19. Mestizo

mestizo old english fonts in canva

Mestizo is a typeface that beautifully captures the spirit of diversity and cultural fusion. Its name, which translates to “mixed” in Spanish, reflects its design philosophy of blending different typographic styles to create something unique.

Mestizo’s character set is defined by a mix of sharp and rounded edges, combining elements of both traditional and modern design.

Each character in the Mestizo font is meticulously crafted, contributing to the overall harmony and rhythm of the typeface.

Despite its stylistic complexities, the font maintains high legibility, making it an adaptable choice for a wide range of applications.

From body text to headlines, print to digital media, Mestizo adds a touch of unique flavor to any design project.

Its fusion of styles makes it a powerful tool for designers, adding depth and character to the text.

20. Obra Letra

obra letra old english fonts in canva

Obra Letra is an eye-catching typeface with thick strokes and compact letter spacing that lend a contemporary touch while maintaining excellent legibility.

The Obra Letra typeface is a display font known for its bold and impactful design. Drawing inspiration from the aesthetics of stencil letterforms, Obra Letra presents a robust character set that demands attention.

Its design is defined by thick, blocky letters punctuated by strategic cuts, giving it an industrious feel. Every character in Obra Letra is precisely crafted to maintain consistency across the typeface.

Its strong and commanding presence makes it an excellent choice for headings, posters, and any design work requiring high visual impact.

Despite its hefty form, Obra Letra ensures high legibility across various sizes and mediums.

21. Old Standard

old standard old english fonts in canva

True to its name, Old Standard is a classic serif typeface that recalls the time-tested elegance of traditional print media.

Its design is inspired by the typefaces used in early 20th-century publications, characterized by high contrast between thin and thick strokes and upright, balanced letterforms.

It’s a versatile typeface that gives an air of scholarly authority to any text.

Similar to some retro fonts on Canva, each character in Old Standard is finely crafted, showcasing a blend of simplicity and sophistication that brings a timeless charm to modern design.

While it’s particularly suited for academic texts, literature, and historical context, its elegant appearance and excellent legibility make it a functional choice for a broad range of applications.

Old Standard gracefully bridges the gap between historical authenticity and contemporary usability, bringing a touch of classic beauty to any design.

22. Pirata One

pirata old english fonts in canva

As its name suggests, Pirata One takes its inspiration from the adventurous world of pirate legends and seafaring lore.

This display font is characterized by its bold, angular strokes and slightly irregular shapes, giving it a hand-drawn, rough-around-the-edges feel. It is an all-caps typeface that exudes an unmistakable character and a sense of adventure.

Every character in Pirata One is carefully designed to maintain its rustic charm while ensuring high legibility. This typeface is a perfect choice for headlines, posters, or any design work where a strong, impactful presence is required.

Despite its playful, adventurous aesthetics, Pirata One doesn’t compromise on functionality, making it a versatile addition to any designer’s toolkit.

23. Rakkas

rakkas old english fonts in canva

Rakkas is a unique and artistic typeface that draws its inspiration from a fusion of cultures. Its design leans heavily towards Middle Eastern calligraphy, characterized by high vertical proportions and distinctive curves.

Yet, it maintains a sense of modern simplicity, making it a visually interesting choice for various design contexts.

Each character in Rakkas is meticulously crafted, with elongated, thin strokes counterbalanced by thick, flowing curves. This balance between slim and bold forms gives Rakkas a dynamic visual rhythm.

It is a display font that stands out in large sizes, where its beautiful contours and unique character can be fully appreciated.

From headlines to logos, and book covers to posters, Rakkas adds a touch of cultural diversity and elegance to any design project.

24. Unifrakturmaguntia

unifratturmaguntia old english fonts in canva

Unifrakturmaguntia is a blackletter typeface that brings a touch of historical richness to modern design.

It is based on the traditional Fraktur style, a form of blackletter typeface popular in Europe from the 14th to 20th century.

Unifrakturmaguntia retains the ornate and complex letterforms of its historical roots, creating a striking visual impression.

Each character in Unifrakturmaguntia is carefully constructed, featuring sharp angles, diamond-shaped dots, and heavy vertical strokes. Its design exudes a strong sense of authority and tradition.

This typeface shines in settings where its distinctive aesthetics can be fully appreciated, such as book covers, posters, and branding related to history, literature, or tradition.

Despite its complex design, Unifrakturmaguntia ensures high legibility, making it a functional and visually captivating choice for designers.

25. Was Ayodiya

was agodiga old english fonts in canva

Was Ayodiya is a serif font inspired by classic typography. It has a distinctively elegant and sophisticated appearance that exudes a sense of timelessness.

The strokes are well-proportioned with moderate contrast between thick and thin lines, providing excellent legibility.

Was Ayodiya is versatile and can be used for a wide range of applications, from book covers to branding and advertising projects.

The font captures a blend of old-world charm with modern design sensibilities, making it a popular choice for designers aiming to give their work a classy and traditional touch.

26. Was BusstickNP

was bussticknf old english fonts in canva

Was BusstickNP is a distinctive typeface that combines simplicity with an artistic flair. The font’s character set is defined by its balanced proportions and clean lines, reflecting a modern minimalist approach.

Yet, subtle design elements add a layer of sophistication, making it stand out from traditional sans-serif fonts.

Each character in Was BusstickNP is carefully designed to maintain consistency across the typeface.

Its neutral aesthetics and high legibility make it a versatile choice for a wide range of design applications, from print media to digital interfaces.

Whether used in body text or headlines, Was BusstickNP delivers a clean, professional look without sacrificing its unique character.

27. Was MongkhonNP

was mongkhonnp old english fonts in canva

Was MongkhonNP is a serif font that packs a visual punch while retaining an air of elegance and sophistication. The strokes are intricate, with noticeable variations between thin and thick lines.

The curves and angles within the characters are thoughtfully designed, providing an organic and fluid movement throughout the text.

This balance between dynamic lines and classic serif touches gives Was MongkhonNP a versatile nature that works well in both traditional and contemporary designs.

One of the defining characteristics of Was MongkhonNP is its unique flair. The individual characters are crafted with an artistic edge, adding visual interest and depth to any text set in this font.

The stylish yet controlled embellishments in the letters make it a perfect choice for branding, headlines, posters, and anywhere else that requires a strong typographic presence.

What Are Old English Fonts

Old English fonts are a type of serif font that originated in England during the medieval period. They are also known as Blackletter or Gothic fonts.

These fonts are characterized by their elaborate and ornate design, featuring sharp angles, thick strokes, and intricate details. They are often used to convey a sense of tradition, history, or elegance.

They typically feature capital letters that are much larger and more ornate than their lowercase counterparts.

The capital letters are often used for titles, headings, or other prominent text, similar to how Tiffany & Co fonts are used.

The lowercase letters are usually more simplified and easier to read, making them ideal for body text or smaller text blocks.

One of the unique features of such fonts is their use of ligatures. Ligatures are special characters that are created by combining two or more letters into a single character.

This helps to create a more fluid and cohesive look to the text and can make it easier to read.

Overall, Old English fonts are a great choice for anyone looking to add a touch of history, tradition, or elegance to their design.

Why Use Old English Fonts

If you’re looking for a stylish and timeless look for your branding or design project, Old English fonts can be a great choice.

These fonts are known for their vintage typography and classic style, making them a popular choice for designers and brands alike.

Using them can give your project a unique and stylish look that stands out from the crowd.

These fonts are often associated with history and tradition, making them a great choice for brands looking to convey a sense of heritage or longevity.

In addition to their stylish appearance, Old English fonts can also be a practical choice for certain types of projects.

For example, if you’re designing a logo or branding materials for a company that specializes in traditional or handmade products, an Old English font can help to reinforce that message and create a cohesive look across all materials.

Overall, if you’re looking for a way to add a touch of style and sophistication to your design or branding project, Old English fonts are definitely worth considering.

With their timeless appeal and classic style, they can help to create a look that is both unique and memorable.

Using Canva With Old English Fonts

If you’re looking to add a touch of vintage or medieval flair to your designs, using Old English fonts can be an excellent choice. Canva, a popular graphic design platform, offers a wide range of free Old English fonts that you can use to elevate your designs.

With Canva’s user-friendly interface and intuitive design tools, incorporating Old English fonts into your designs is straightforward.

Whether you’re creating posters, flyers, or social media graphics, Canva’s drag-and-drop editor makes it simple to add text and customize your font choices.

One of the best things about using Canva is that you don’t need any design experience to create professional-looking designs.

Canva’s pre-made templates and design elements make it easy to create eye-catching designs in just a few clicks.

If you’re using Canva’s free plan, you’ll still have access to a wide range of Old English fonts that you can use in your designs. While the premium fonts may offer more customization options, the free fonts are still a great choice for most design projects.

When selecting Old English fonts for your designs, consider the tone and style of your project.

Some Old English fonts, like Old Standard and Brixton, have a more traditional and classic feel, while others, like UnifrakturMaguntia, have a more gothic and edgy vibe.


What Is A Good Retro Font In Canva?

Canva offers a variety of good fonts that can be used to create a retro or vintage feel. Here are a few of them:

  1. Bebas Neue: A popular choice for retro designs, Bebas Neue is a sans serif font with clean lines and a modern-retro touch. It’s great for headings or subheadings.
  2. Cinzel: Cinzel is a serif font inspired by first-century Roman inscriptions and can add a retro feel to your design, especially effective for logos or headlines.
  3. Playfair Display: Influenced by 18th-century lettering traditions, Playfair Display brings a classic, retro vibe. It pairs well with modern sans serif fonts. Try pairing it with the Moontime font.
  4. Shrikhand: Shrikhand is a heavy, bold typeface that can give a retro and funky vibe to your designs, making it perfect for eye-catching headlines or titles.
  5. Pacifico: This is a script font that takes inspiration from 1950s American surf culture. It can give a playful, retro vibe to your design.

The choice of a font can set the mood and tone of your design, so be sure to choose a font that resonates with your message. Try experimenting with different fonts to see which works best for your design.

Can You Import Custom Fonts To Canva?

Yes, you can import custom fonts to Canva, but it is a feature that’s only available with Canva Pro, Canva’s subscription-based service. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Upgrade to Canva Pro: If you haven’t done so already, you’ll need to upgrade your Canva account to Canva Pro. They usually offer a 30-day free trial if you’d like to try it out before committing to a subscription.
  2. Prepare your font files: Ensure you have the custom font files available on your device. Canva supports .OTF and .TTF file formats.
  3. Access Brand Kit: Once you’re logged into your Canva Pro account, navigate to your brand kit. This can be found on the left-hand side of the screen on the home page.
  4. Upload the font: In your brand kit, scroll down until you find the “Uploaded Fonts” section. Click the “Upload a font” button.
  5. Select and upload your font file: Find and select your custom font file from your device and confirm your selection. Canva will then upload the font.
  6. Confirm the rights to use the font: Canva will ask you to confirm that you have the legal rights to use the font. If you do, click “Yes, upload away”.

After uploading, the font will be available for you to use in all your designs. When you click on a text box in your design, you will find your custom font listed under “Uploaded Fonts” in the font dropdown menu at the top of the screen.

Remember that usage rights for fonts are important. Ensure you have the appropriate permissions or licenses to use any custom font you upload.

How Do I Add Old English Fonts To Canva?

You can add Old English fonts to Canva by uploading them to your Canva account. You will have to be a Canva Pro user to be able to add Old English fonts to Canva. Learn how to upload fonts from the previous FAQ: Can You Import Custom Fonts To Canva?

Final Thoughts

Overall, using Old English fonts can be a great way to add a unique and timeless touch to your designs. Even with Canva’s huge range of fonts, you may not be able to find the one you want.

You can search for other Old English fonts on the web, download them and upload them to Canva.

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