3 Quick Steps To Change Page Size In Canva For Free

In this guide, you will learn how to resize in Canva for free (not to resize images). That is to change your Canva page size, canvas size, or paper size without subscribing to Canva Pro.

how to resize in canva for free

Can you Change the Page Size In Canva Without Pro?

Canva has a resize button, but only for Canva Pro users, called Magic Switch. If you are looking for a one-click way to change the size of your design in Canva without the Pro version, unfortunately, the resize button doesn’t work in free Canva accounts.

use magic switch to resize designs on canva pro

The good news is that there is a workaround to change the size of your document in the free version of Canva, without having to sign up for the Canva Pro account.

Otherwise, in the free version, you can set up custom dimensions or have your Canva resize element without aspect ratio, and have the same design in a different size without losing your original design.

Here’s a detailed step-by-step guide on how to resize in Canva for free on both desktop and Canva app. These are steps you can follow on the free plan.

You can try this on the Christmas app icons templates we are giving away for free!

3 Steps to Change Canva Page Size for Free on Desktop Version

In this example, I will use this photo collage to show you the quickest way to change your design to different sizes.

Photo collage of cute cats in Canva design

If you want to create a similar design, you can find stock photos by entering the keywords of the photos you want in the search bar. You can also use Canva’s free template or create your own custom graphic.

Step 1: Open a New Blank Canvas

You’ve already spent time and effort creating a Canva design on a size that turned out to be incorrect, or maybe you’d like to change it to another specific size.

With the confirmed design on the original size, don’t delete that. Leave the browser window with your design in the original size opened.

Then, open a new browser window or tab and go to your Canva account dashboard at that looks like this:

how to resize in canva for free in canva website

Click on the button that says Custom Size on the top right corner just below the top menu bar.

click on custom size button to start a new canva design on homepage

In the drop-down menu, enter the desired specific dimensions into the custom size fields. Click on the button that says Create New Design and a new window opens up with a new design document with your new correct size.

Add in width and height or custom dimensions to create new design in Canva

Step 2: Copy Your Design from the Original Page

Click on the browser window or tab that has your Canva design in the original size. If you have several pages in this Canva document, click on the page with the design you’d like to resize.

Then, click on the area outside the design, hold your cursor, and drag it around the whole design document of that page.

select all elements in canva desktop version

Alternatively, press Command ⌘ (Cmd) and the letter A at the same time on your keyboard for Mac OS. Or Control (Ctrl) and the letter A for Windows.

What you are doing is selecting all the Canva elements you have on your original Canva document. You should be able to see outlines on every design element or item in your design.

Then, right-click on your cursor and select Copy in the pop-up menu.

copy all selected elements on canva desktop version

Alternatively, press Command ⌘ (Cmd) and the letter C together on the keyboard. You have now copied your design to your clipboard.

Step 3: Paste Elements

Next, go to the browser window or tab that has your Canva document or the right size. Click on the empty document, right-click on your cursor and select Paste in the pop-up menu.

paste multiple images on new size canva desktop

Alternatively, press Command ⌘ (Cmd) and the letter V at the same time on the keyboard.

Your design will appear on the new Canva document of your desired size. You will have to adjust or resize your images and layout to fit the new document size.

paste elements on new size in canva mobile app

Important Note: If your original Canva document includes a background color or image, you will have to copy it separately after pasting all your elements into the new document.

Then go to the new document to paste it. There’s no way to select the background together with the individual elements on the document.

3 Steps To Change Page Size In Canva for Free on Mobile App

In this example of how to resize in Canva for free in the mobile app, I will use the same Canva account used on the desktop version.

The exact same design will be used. If you haven’t already, go ahead to download the Canva App to your phone: Canva for Android or Canva for iOS.

Step 1: Copy Your Design Elements

With your design opened in a Canva app document, the first step is to select any element that is visible on your document. You can select any one of the images, texts, or graphics.

Next, select the three dots in the pop-up menu.

select the more options button on the image in canva mobile version

Then click on Select Multiple on the menu that slides out from the bottom. Then, start selecting all the elements you have on your document, one at a time. You will see that the previous element that you’ve selected stays selected as you select more elements.

select multiple elements on canva mobile app

The Select Multiple function in the Canva mobile app allows you to select more than one element.

multiple elements have been selected in canva mobile

Once you have selected all items, select Copy in the same bottom menu and this will save a copy of the selected elements in your mobile app clipboard.

copy multiple elements in canva mobile

Step 2: Open a New Canva Document

Next, go to Canva’s homepage by selecting the home icon on the top left-hand corner. Then, select the plus “+” sign in the purple circle in the bottom right-hand corner.

press the plus sign on canva mobile app

A drop-down menu with a range of social media formats will open up. Select + Custom Size.

select custom size in canva mobile app

Then key in the width and height of your new document size in the fields.

Key in width and height in custom size fields in Canva mobile app

Press the button that says Create New Design. You will see a range of templates slide up the mobile screen. Swipe it down so that you will see the new Canva document that’s created with the size that you want.

press create new design button on Canva mobile app

Step 3: Paste Elements

Next, select the document by pressing your finger to where the empty document is on the mobile screen. You will see some options appear at the bottom of the screen. Swipe it left to see more options on the right.

Select the set of three dots with the label: More.

select more at bottom of the screen canva mobile app

This will bring up a menu with Copy and Paste. Select Paste.

select paste at bottom of screen canva mobile app

You will now see your design elements appear on the document with the new dimensions.

paste elements on new size in canva mobile app

Next, adjust your design elements to fit the new size.

Final Thoughts On Resizing In Canva

Being a Canva Pro subscriber has its perks allowing you unlimited access to its professional templates and effects, especially if you need Canva on a daily basis.

That said, when it comes to how to resize in Canva for free, there are simple workarounds to get things done without the Canva Pro Plan.

Or if you are a student with the Canva Education discount, you can use Pro features like Magic Switch to change the paper size.

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