3 Easy Steps To Add An Email Hyperlink On Canva

Yes, you can add an email hyperlink on Canva, and in this guide, you’ll learn how to do that.

Can you add an email hyperlink on canva

How Do I Add An Email Hyperlink On Canva?

1. Select any text, image, or graphic you want to hyperlink

Open up your Canva design. It can be a social media post design, website design, presentation, or video. Once you’ve completed your design and decided where you’d like to add an email hyperlink, select the element or item.

If you would like to hyperlink the whole text box, image, or graphic, simply click on it once to select it.

If you would like to hyperlink just a line of text or just a word within a text box, double-click the text box to change the arrow cursor into a text cursor.

Then, bring your cursor over the word that you’d like to add a hyperlink to. Double-click on that word and you will see it highlighted. This means that word has been selected.

If you don’t wish to select the whole word, but just one letter or a few letters from that word, do not double-click it, just click one time on the first letter on either side and drag your cursor to the last letter of the word you wish to select. Now you’ve highlighted the selected letters of the word.

2. Select the link button

Next, select the link button which has a chain icon on the toolbar. It can be found on the right-hand side of the toolbar above the Canva editor.

If you don’t see the link button, chances are the Canva editor window is a bit small for it to show it. In this case, you will see a button with three dots. It means “click to see more options”. Select the button and in the drop-down menu, select the link button.

3. Add An email address

You will see a dropdown with a dialog box or search bar under the label “Enter a link or search”. Type in the exact email address you want to hyperlink, no other text is required.

Then hit the Enter key on your keyboard, or select the “Done” button. A notification that says “Linked added” will appear. This is to confirm that your hyperlink is valid and has been added to your selected element.

Final Thoughts: Hyperlink Email in Canva

Yes! You can now add an email hyperlink to anything in Canva. With your Canva design opened, select any text, image, or graphic you want to hyperlink. If your hyperlink doesn’t work, there are ways to fix it.

Select the chain link icon and inside the search bar, type in your email address such as “email@domain.com”. Then, press the enter or return key on the keyboard. This will do!

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