17 Alternative Disney Fonts On Canva For Free

Are you looking for the perfect Disney font on Canva? There aren’t any, but if you are subscribed to Canva Pro, you can download fonts that are similar to the Disney font and upload them to use on Canva.

There are two types so far, one is called “Waltograph” and the other is called “Walt Disney Script“.

But if you prefer to stick with the free plan on Canva, stay with me, this guide gives you the best Disney-looking fonts you can find on Canva.

disney font on canva

Canva Disney Font Alternatives

Adlery Swash

Adlery Swash - Diney font on canva

Adlery Swash dances on the page with its lively swashes and playful loops, reminiscent of the carefree joy found in Disney’s animated tales.

Its distinct flair adds a touch of personalized whimsy, perfect for projects aiming to convey fun and adventure.

Amsterdam One

Amsterdam One - Disney font on canva

Amsterdam One offers a more refined, yet equally whimsical approach, with elegant curves and a modern twist.

Its sophisticated style suits fairy tale wedding invitations or upscale event announcements, where a hint of magic is desired without sacrificing elegance.


Apricots - Disney font on canva

Apricots bursts with a friendly and inviting character, its rounded edges and soft shapes evoke the warmth and charm of Disney’s beloved characters.

Ideal for children’s party invitations or playful branding, it brings a smile with its gentle demeanor.


Bellaboo - Disney font on canva

Bellaboo, bold and straightforward, captures the essence of fun in a more modern and simplified manner.

Its thick lines and rounded forms are perfect for eye-catching headlines that need to convey energy and youthfulness, making it a great choice for casual, lively designs.

Better Together Script

Better Together Script - Disney font on canva

Better Together Script flows gracefully, reminiscent of the hand-written notes of a Disney princess.

Its delicate and fluid script embodies romance and dreams, perfect for storytelling, inspirational quotes, or any project that aims to touch the heart with soft elegance.

Bright Sunshine

Bright Sunshine - Disney font on canva

Bright Sunshine is like a cheerful greeting on a sunny day, its casual and lively script imbued with a sense of joy and optimism.

This font is perfect for designs that aim to be heartwarming and inviting, with a handwritten touch that feels personal and uplifting.


Daydream - Disney font on canva

Daydream captures the whimsy of a lazy afternoon, lost in fantasy. With its soft, flowing curves and dreamy elegance, it’s ideal for projects that require a touch of romance and whimsy.

This font is a gateway to stories untold, evoking the gentle allure of fairy tales and adventures waiting to be discovered.


Gistesy - Disney font on canva

Gistesy stands out with its quirky and fun character, embodying the unpredictable and spirited side of magic. It’s easy to find fonts to pair with Gistesy in Canva.

Its unique letterforms are perfect for projects that aim to be bold and stand out, making it a great choice for creative branding, playful invitations, or any design that dares to be different.


Imperfect - Disney font on canva

Imperfect celebrates the beauty of handcrafted artistry, with each stroke and curve revealing a human touch.

This font resonates with the authenticity and warmth of Disney’s classic animations, making it perfect for projects that seek to convey genuine emotion and a sense of nostalgia.

Jimmy Script

Jimmy Script - Disney font on canva

Jimmy Script brings together elegance and playfulness, its smooth script reminiscent of the carefree loops and swirls of a magic wand.

Ideal for projects that need a balance of sophistication and whimsy, Jimmy Script is suited for everything from enchanting event invitations to stylish branding.

Lavonia Classy

Lavonia Classy - Disney font on canva

Lavonia Classy exudes an elegance that’s both refined and enchanting. Its sophisticated curves and subtle swashes whisper tales of timeless fairy tales and grand adventures.

Perfect for projects that aim to blend classic charm with a hint of mystery, Lavonia Classy brings a touch of regal magic to invitations, branding, and more.


Mistrully - Disney font on canva

Mistrully embodies a playful mischief, with letterforms that dance with irregularity and charm. Its hand-drawn appearance captures the essence of whimsical tales and spirited characters.

Ideal for creative projects that seek to invoke curiosity and joy, Mistrully adds a personal, artisanal touch to storybooks, merchandise, and playful branding.


Moontime - Disney font on canva

Moontime floats in with the dreamy allure of a moonlit night, its smooth script suggesting secrets whispered under a starry sky.

This font is perfect for narratives filled with romance, magic, and mystery, offering a delicate balance between readability and artistic flair.

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Moontime lends itself beautifully to poetic quotes, romantic invitations, and any design aiming to stir the soul.


Themysion - Disney font on canva

Themysion stands tall and proud, its bold and adventurous spirit reminiscent of epic journeys and heroic tales.

With sturdy letterforms that command attention, this font is a beacon for designs that aim to inspire, motivate, and captivate.

Themysion is especially suited for impactful headlines, motivational posters, and any project that calls for a dose of courage and wonder.


Twister - Disney font on canva

Twister whirls into the scene with a dynamic energy that’s both refreshing and exhilarating. Its letters twist and turn, evoking the feeling of movement and spontaneity.

Twister is the perfect choice for projects that aim to be lively and engaging, from dynamic marketing materials to vibrant children’s book titles, embodying the unpredictable joy of adventure.


Virtual - Disney font on canva

Virtual emerges as a font of the future, blending sleek lines with a hint of whimsy, making it perfect for projects that straddle the realms of innovation and fantasy.

Its clean, digital-inspired appearance speaks to modern tales of adventure and discovery, ideal for tech-savvy creations, futuristic branding, and interactive storytelling that seeks to push the boundaries of imagination.


Yesteryear - Disney font on canva

Yesteryear harks back to a bygone era with its nostalgic charm and elegant flow. This font embodies the timeless allure of classic Disney tales, weaving a sense of romance and history into every curve and swash.

Yesteryear is particularly suited for projects that aim to capture the heart’s longing for the golden days of yore, from vintage book covers to retro-themed event invitations.

Why Look for Alternatives?

The search for Disney font alternatives on Canva is primarily driven by copyright restrictions.

The Walt Disney Company holds the rights reserved for the custom font used in their logo, making it unavailable for direct download or use without proper licensing.

Hence, design platforms like Canva offer a variety of similar fonts that are free and legal to use, ensuring that creators can still capture the essence of Disney in their designs without infringing on copyright.

Exploring Canva Fonts Similar to Disney Font

On Canva, fonts that carry the same whimsical and adventurous spirit as the Disney font can be broadly categorized into serif and sans serif types.

While the original Disney logo features a unique script that’s neither strictly serif nor sans serif, the platform offers a range of fonts that can be used to evoke a similar feel.

Serif Fonts: These fonts are characterized by small lines attached to the ends of letters, providing a traditional and elegant feel.

For designs that aim to capture the classic aspect of Disney, such as “Star Wars” themes or fairy tale blog posts, a serif font can add a touch of sophistication.

Sans Serif Fonts: Known for their clean and modern look, sans serif fonts lack the small lines at the ends of letters.

These fonts are ideal for creating designs with a more contemporary twist on the Disney theme, suitable for web design projects or modern interpretations of classic Disney tales.

Leveraging Canva for Disney-Inspired Designs

Canva’s free version offers a wide array of fonts and design elements that can help bring your Disney-inspired projects to life.

Whether you’re a fan looking to create a personal project or a professional graphic designer working on client designs, Canva provides the tools and resources needed to create stunning visuals.

From menu designs for a themed party to invitations that whisk guests away to a fairy tale land, the right Canva font can transform your creative vision into reality.

Remember, while the exact Disney font might not be available, the essence of Disney’s storytelling magic can still be captured through the thoughtful selection of similar fonts and creative design elements on Canva.

Explore, experiment, and let your designs tell a story that’s as captivating as the tales of Walt Disney.

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