27 Canva Fonts With Long Tails

Long tails or long descenders that stick out from some letters can help your designs stand out for their elegance and flair. With some testing and research, here are 27 Canva fonts with long tails for you to enjoy.

canva fonts with long tails

Fonts With Long Tails On Canva

In typography, “long tails” refer to the extended strokes or finishing lines that trail from the letters in certain typefaces.

These tails are most commonly found in script or calligraphy-inspired fonts, where they emulate the fluid, sweeping movements of handwriting and traditional penmanship.

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Long tails can add elegance, flair, and a personal touch to the text, making it appear more dynamic and visually interesting.

Fonts with long tails often convey a sense of sophistication, romance, or formality, making them popular choices for invitations, branding, logos, and any design work that aims to evoke elegance or a handcrafted feel.

These stylistic flourishes can vary greatly in length and complexity, ranging from simple, subtle curves to elaborate, decorative swirls that embellish the text.

Here are some of the best Canva fonts that have long tails in some of their letters, no matter how stylish they may look, are still easy to read.

Adlery Swash

Adlery Swash - Canva fonts with long tails

Adlery Swash stands out with its adventurous and spirited swashes, offering a playful yet sophisticated vibe.

This font is perfect for designs that aim to be eye-catching and dynamic, bringing an energy that is both modern and whimsically classical.

Alex Brush

Alex Brush - Canva fonts with long tails

Alex Brush epitomizes a classic brush script, with smooth and flowing strokes that convey elegance and a personal touch.

Its long tails add a level of sophistication, making it ideal for invitations, branding, or any project that requires a handwritten feel with a touch of class.

Anastasia Script

Anastasia Script - Canva fonts with long tails

Anastasia Script dazzles with its intricate and decorative characters, featuring lavish tails that speak of opulence and luxury.

This font is tailor-made for projects that demand elegance, such as wedding invitations, upscale branding, or sophisticated event materials.

Burgues Script

Burgues Script - Canva fonts with long tails

Burgues Script pays homage to the craft of calligraphy, inspired by the late 19th-century American penmanship.

Its complex and ornate tails evoke a sense of antique charm and historical elegance, perfect for designs that require a touch of vintage sophistication.

Citadel Script

Citadel Script - Canva fonts with long tails

Citadel Script blends modernity with classic script elements, characterized by bold strokes and distinctive, stylish tails.

This font is a great choice for contemporary designs that need a blend of boldness and elegance, suitable for impactful branding, advertising, or any creative project that seeks to make a statement.

City Lights

City Lights - Canva fonts with long tails

City Lights captures the essence of an urban skyline at dusk, its sleek and elongated tails reminiscent of the streaks of light from a bustling city.

This font is perfect for projects that aim to embody sophistication and modernity, offering a clean yet dramatic touch to titles and headings.

Festive Seven

Festive Seven - Canva fonts with long tails

Festive Seven is the life of the party, with its playful tails and cheerful character.

This font is designed to spread joy and celebration, making it an excellent choice for invitations, greeting cards, and any design meant to convey happiness and festivity.

Its lively tails add a whimsical touch that can brighten any message.

Great Vibes

Great Vibes - Canva fonts with long tails

Great Vibes is a flowing script font that balances readability with elegance.

Its long, sweeping tails and graceful strokes evoke a sense of romance and sophistication, making it a go-to font for wedding invitations, formal events, and any design that calls for a touch of class.

Jimmy Script

Jimmy Script - Canva fonts with long tails

Jimmy Script brings a handcrafted charm to the table, with its bold and casual style complemented by playful tails.

This font is ideal for designs that require a personal, handmade feel, from branding for artisanal businesses to casual event invitations. Its friendly and approachable character makes it versatile and engaging.


Joshico - Canva fonts with long tails

Joshico offers a majestic blend of modern script styling with dramatic tail flourishes, creating a sense of luxury and exclusivity.

This font is perfect for high-end branding, luxurious event invitations, or any project that aims to stand out with a sophisticated and contemporary elegance.

League Script

League Script - Canva fonts with long tails

League Script is a testament to the elegance of hand-lettering, offering a delicate balance between casual charm and sophisticated flair.

Its long, flowing tails give a sense of movement and grace, making it a perfect choice for projects that require a personal, yet refined touch.

Le Jour Script

Le Jour Script - Canva fonts with long tails

Le Jour Script embodies the romance of handwritten letters, with its intricate tails and beautiful flourishes.

This font captures the essence of bespoke elegance, ideal for wedding invitations, boutique branding, or any design that desires a hint of vintage romance with a modern twist.

Letteria Pro

Letteria Pro - Canva fonts with long tails

Letteria Pro stands at the crossroads of contemporary design and classic calligraphy, offering sharp, clean lines combined with sweeping tails.

This blend of modernity and tradition makes it versatile for a wide range of applications, from corporate branding to personal stationery, where a touch of sophistication is needed.


Magenta - Canva fonts with long tails

Magenta, unlike the typical script font, brings a unique character with its playful tails and lively essence.

It is suited for designs that aim to stand out with creativity and vivacity, from dynamic advertising campaigns to engaging social media posts.

Maldina Script

Maldina Script - Canva fonts with long tails

Maldina Script is a showcase of bold elegance, featuring thick strokes and dramatic tails.

This font exudes confidence and style, perfect for impactful headlines, luxurious branding, and designs that aim to leave a lasting impression with a flourish.

Miss Katherine

Miss Katherine - Canva fonts with long tails

Miss Katherine is an embodiment of elegance and femininity, with its flowing tails and graceful curves.

This font captures the charm of handwritten notes, making it perfect for wedding invitations, personal blogs, or any project that seeks to add a touch of intimacy and sophistication.

Monggirella Script

Monggirella Script - Canva fonts with long tails

Monggirella Script brings a dynamic and playful energy to the table, with its bold strokes and whimsical tails.

This font is ideal for designs that aim to be fun, vibrant, and engaging, from party invitations to creative marketing materials that need to capture the audience’s attention.

Rolling Pen Curly

Rolling Pen Curly - Canva fonts with long tails

Rolling Pen Curly is a masterpiece of fluidity and motion, with exaggerated tails and intricate loops that evoke a sense of artistic flair.

This font is suited for projects that require a blend of creativity and elegance, such as branding for creative industries, event invitations, or editorial designs that wish to make a statement.

Six Hands Chalk

Six Hands Chalk - Canva fonts with long tails

Six Hands Chalk offers the casual charm of chalkboard art, with its raw edges and distinctive tails that mimic hand-drawn lettering.

This font is perfect for educational projects, casual restaurant menus, or any design that aims to convey a sense of informality and approachability.


Slight - Canva fonts with long tails

Slight stands as a minimalist’s dream, with its clean lines and subtle tails that provide a modern and understated elegance.

This font is ideal for minimalist branding, sophisticated editorial layouts, or any project that values clarity and simplicity with a touch of refinement.

Sloop Script Pro

Sloop Script Pro - Canva fonts with long tails

Sloop Script Pro is a font that exudes elegance and sophistication, characterized by its fluid, sweeping tails and refined letterforms.

This font is perfect for invitations, branding, and any project that requires a touch of finesse and class, bridging the gap between traditional calligraphy and contemporary design needs.

Soft Whisperings

Soft Whisperings - Canva fonts with long tails

Soft Whisperings is as gentle as its name suggests, offering a delicate and subtle touch with its slender tails and graceful strokes.

This font is ideal for designs that aim to convey softness and intimacy, such as personal blogs, beauty branding, or tender messages on greeting cards.

Stephen Type

Stephen Type - Canva fonts with long tails

Stephen Type brings a personal, handcrafted feel to the table, with its robust characters and spirited tails that add a lively energy to the text.

This font is suited for projects that require a signature touch, from author logos to custom merchandise that emphasizes a personal connection.

Un Jour Merveilleux

Un Jour Merveilleux - Canva fonts with long tails

Un Jour Merveilleux translates to ‘a wonderful day’ in French, and the font lives up to its name with its whimsical tails and elegant curves.

It is perfect for capturing the magic of special occasions, from wedding invitations to boutique branding, offering a dreamy and romantic vibe.

Warm Script

Warm Script - Canva fonts with long tails

Warm Script, brings a soft, intimate feel to the table. With its gentle curves and elongated tails, this font captures the essence of personal notes and heartfelt messages.

It’s ideal for designs that aim to convey warmth and friendliness, such as personal blogs, cozy cafe branding, or heartfelt greeting cards.

The inviting nature of Warm Script creates a sense of comfort and familiarity, making it a go-to choice for projects that aim to connect on a personal level.

Was DokrakNP

Was DokrakNP - Canva fonts with long tails

Was DokrakNP stands out with its unique blend of traditional charm and contemporary flair, featuring distinct tails that add character and depth to its letterforms.

This font is versatile enough for cultural projects, creative branding, and any design that aims to combine heritage with a modern twist.

Waymar Script

Waymar Script - Canva fonts with long tails

Waymar Script is a testament to the beauty of handcrafted artistry, featuring beautifully curved tails that flow seamlessly from one letter to the next.

This font exudes a sense of sophistication and romance, making it perfect for wedding invitations, elegant branding, or any project that demands a touch of class and refinement.

Its fluidity and grace lend an air of exclusivity and luxury, inviting viewers into a world of aesthetic pleasure.

Pairing Fonts With Long Tails

Pairing a script font with long tails with a complementary sans serif font creates a balanced and visually appealing hierarchy.

This combination, or font pairing, marries the decorative nature of script fonts with the simplicity and readability of sans serif fonts, making for an eye-catching and effective design.

For instance, pairing a font like Great Vibes, known for its elegant tails, with a straightforward sans serif font such as Open Sans or Source Sans Pro can elevate a design from simple to striking.

Canva font combinations often include a mix of serif and sans serif fonts to achieve a dynamic contrast.

Serif fonts, like Libre Baskerville or Playfair Display, bring a traditional touch to designs, which, when paired with the modernity of sans serif fonts like League Spartan or Tenor Sans, create a perfect blend of old and new.

This font combination is especially powerful in Canva templates, where designers aim to capture the viewer’s attention while ensuring the legibility of the body text.

Fonts like Open Sans and Source Sans Pro are favorites for body text, thanks to their clean lines and excellent readability across different devices and sizes, making them ideal for social media posts, web content, and printed materials alike.

The art of font pairing in Canva is not just about selecting two fonts that look good together; it’s about creating a coherent, visually engaging message that enhances the brand’s identity and communicates effectively with the audience.

Whether it’s a bold display font paired with a light sans serif for contrast, or a delicate script font paired with a robust serif for balance, the perfect font combination can significantly impact a design’s overall feel and message.

Final Thoughts

The strategic use of fonts with long tails and font pairings in Canva offers a vast array of possibilities for designers to express creativity and brand identity.

By combining these decorative fonts with the right sans serif or serif counterparts, designers can create stunning, effective designs that capture attention and convey messages with clarity and style.

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