How To Find The Best Canva Elements

Best canva elements

Canva is perfect as a graphic design tool. It not only provides groundbreaking tools to help you quickly create incredible designs, but it also has millions of free elements you can use in your designs. With so many of them, where and how do you find the best Canva elements?

Say goodbye to “overwhelm”. To find the best graphic elements for your Canva project, you can use the search function within the Canva editor. You can search for elements using Canva keywords or search terms, such as “infographic” or “icon”, to narrow down your results.

You can also browse through the different categories and subcategories of elements to find what you’re looking for.

Another tip is to use the filter options, it will help you to find the perfect elements by color, size, and style. Without keywords, you can also use the “Discover content from” tab to find a curated selection of elements and designs that have been created by the Canva community.

What Are Canva Elements?

If you look at graphic design apps similar to Canva, such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and other design tools, you will find that they have more advanced features than Canva. With these apps, you are able to create anything from scratch with features such as freehand tools.

Canva’s design tools are built to be simple to use without a steep learning curve. Your design process within Canva will usually start by using existing creations that you find in Canva, such as Canva elements, Canva templates, and Canva apps. You can also upload your own images and elements to use in your designs.

Canva elements are pre-created items you can use on your Canva design. They have been created by Canva contributors who are designers and photographers, illustrators, typographers, videographers, and audio producers.

apply for canva creator programme

Anyone can be a Canva Creator. Simply apply to Canva Creators programme and when accepted, you can create templates and elements to be published in the Canva marketplace.

What are the design elements in Canva?

Just like in any visual design, Canva elements refer to the basic building blocks of any Canva design that includes lines and shapes, graphics, stickers, stock photos, videos, audio, charts, tables, frames, and grids.

You can also find collections of these in Canva. If you are on the free version of Canva, you can use the free Canva elements and a wide range of templates. Otherwise, you can pay an additional cost for premium elements or upgrade to the Canva Pro version.

Anytime you are ready to create a Canva design, select the Elements button on the left-hand side menu. Then, select any element from the variety of selections in the slide-out menu.

The simplest elements you can start with are lines, basic shapes, frames, and grids. You can group them so that they can be moved around together.

How To Find The Best Canva Elements

Since Canva is made for simplicity and speed, you’d want to create your best Canva design in the shortest time possible. And the best way is to find the perfect Canva elements and put them together as quickly as you can to create beautiful designs.

First, let’s define what it means to create your best Canva design. This could have varying definitions, depending on what you are looking for. Some examples of the best Canva design would be:

  1. Includes unique and beautiful graphics
  2. Aesthetically appealing to your audience
  3. Balanced use of the right elements
  4. Includes at least an eye-catching graphic

Next question is, how can you find the best elements in Canva so that your design includes any or all of the above? The way to do that is to answer these questions as detailed as you can:

  1. Who is your audience?
  2. What elements will speak to your audience?
  3. What are the fonts that match your brand? List two types
  4. What are your brand colors?
  5. What style are you looking for?

Your answers to these eventually form your brand kit, which will be your guide for all your future designs.

How Do I Find The Right Element In Canva?

Next, go to Canva and search for the elements you need. There are a few ways to find the best elements in Canva:

  1. Use the search box: Canva has a search bar that allows you to search for specific elements and design assets. Simply select the Elements button on the left and a range of elements appear in a slide-out menu. Then, go to the search box that says “Search anything from Canva” and type in Canva element keywords, such as “icons,” “frames,” or “backgrounds.”
  2. Browse the Elements section: The Elements tab in Canva has a variety of elements organized into categories, such as “Illustrations,” “Icons,” and “Photos.” You can browse through these categories to find the elements you need. To see more elements within one category, go to the selected category and select “See all”. That category will expand to sub categories or show all the elements within the category.
  3. Use the “Recently Used” tab: Canva also has a “Recently Used” tab that shows the elements you have used in your recent designs, making it easy to find and use them again.
  4. Explore the “Trending” tab: The “Trending” tab shows the most popular elements that other users are currently using. This can be a great way to find inspiration and stay up-to-date with design trends.

How Many Elements Are There In Canva?

Canva has a wide variety of cool elements that you can choose from to create your designs. Canva also regularly updates and adds new elements to its library, so the exact number of elements available in Canva might vary over time.

There are countless great elements and variations you can find to create professional designs. I would say you can enjoy millions if not an almost unlimited supply of elements. If you have a Canva Pro account, you will have access to more elements than if you are using a free Canva account.

Is it okay to use Canva elements?

It depends on the usage of the Canva elements. If you are using Canva elements that you have purchased or that are labeled as free for commercial use, then it is generally okay to use them in your designs.

However, if you are using Canva elements that you have not purchased or that are not labeled as free for commercial use, then it may be considered copyright infringement. It is always best to double-check the terms of use for any elements you plan to use in your designs to ensure that you are using them legally.

When you use Canva elements in your design, they have to be used in accompaniment with your own designs. For example, they shouldn’t be seen as one item printed on a t-shirt. An element should only be part of your whole design, not the design itself.

Canva Elements Frequently Asked Questions:

How To Make A Logo White In Canva

Select your logo, click Edit image, select Duotone, click on any Duotone effect, click one more time on the icon that appears on the Duotone effect, then change the colors of Highlight and Shadow to white or #fffffff.

How To Blur On Canva

The first quick way to blur your image in Canva is to select your image, click Edit image, and next to Adjust, click “See all”. You will see a range of various effects and toggles. Scroll down to the blur option, and drag the toggle on the Blur slider to the right. You will see your image will start getting blurry.

How To Erase On Canva

You can easily erase on Canva by first selecting your image. Then select the Canva Background Remover tool which will first remove your image background. Then select the Erase brush to erase any part of your image or the Restore brush to retrieve back any erased area of your image.

How To Resize In Canva For Free

How to resize in Canva for free? First, open a new blank canvas and set your size. Then, copy your original design and paste it in the new resized document in Canva.

How To Animate Text In Canva For Free

You can animate text in Canva for free by first adding text to your Canva design. Next, click the “Animate” button on the options bar just below the top menu bar. Select any of the various animation effects in the menu that slides out from the left. Then, adjust the animation styles in the individual settings.

How To Get A Transparent Background On Canva For Free

To get a transparent background on Canva for free, the first step is to get your Canva design ready. Then, download it as a PNG file. Since you won’t be able to export your design with a transparent background without a Pro account, upload it to Adobe Express to remove the background.

Can You Hyperlink In Canva On Anything?

The good news is you are able to hyperlink anything you want in your Canva design to other pages or add clickable links to your Canva designs with a link tool. You can also export your Canva design as a PDF file to your device with the hyperlink still clickable outside of Canva. You can also create email links to open in email providers, how cool is that?

How To Curve Text In Canva Design

To curve text or make circular text in Canva, first, create a new design or open an existing one, then add your desired text to your design. Select the text box and click on the “Effects” button. Then, select the “curve” button and adjust the curve size by using the slider and adjusting the curve value.

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