Free Quote Fonts In Canva: 27 Engaging Fonts To Inspire You

There are many different types and styles of fonts you can use for quotes. This guide below shows the best quote fonts in Canva and how they look in a typical quote design.

We’re covering 27 different fonts and styles that are free to use. It’s a deep dive, so let’s go ahead and get started.

quote fonts in Canva

What Are Quote Fonts?

“Quote fonts” refer to the typefaces selected to emphasize or distinguish quotations within a body of text.

These fonts are chosen for their ability to highlight quotes, making them stand out from the rest of the content.

The look of quote fonts plays a significant role in engaging readers for several reasons:

1. Visual Appeal:

The aesthetic qualities of quote fonts can add visual interest to a page, breaking up large blocks of text and making the content more appealing and less daunting to readers.

A well-chosen quote font can turn a simple piece of text into a visually striking element, encouraging readers to engage with the content.

2. Hierarchy and Emphasis:

Quote fonts can create a visual hierarchy on the page, signaling to readers that the quoted material is important or worth noting.

By using a distinct or contrasting font for quotes, designers can draw the reader’s eye to these sections, thereby emphasizing the significance of the quoted words.

3. Tone and Mood:

The style of a quote font can convey a certain mood or tone that enhances the overall message of the text.

For instance, a script font might add an elegant or formal touch, while a bold, modern font could convey innovation or strength. This subtle communication can affect how readers perceive and react to the content.

4. Brand Identity:

Quote fonts can also play a part in reinforcing a brand’s identity or the overall aesthetic of a publication.

Consistently using specific fonts for quotes can contribute to a recognizable visual style that readers come to associate with a particular brand or author.

5. Reader Engagement:

Engaging readers isn’t just about catching their eye; it’s also about holding their attention.

A well-chosen quote font can make the key takeaways more memorable, encouraging readers to think more deeply about the content, share it with others, or explore the topic further.

6. Accessibility:

Beyond aesthetics, the readability of quote fonts is crucial for engaging readers, including those with visual impairments.

A font that is too ornate or difficult to read can detract from the user experience, whereas clear, legible fonts ensure that the emphasis on quotes enhances the content for all readers.

For scribbly styles, check out the designs with handwritten fonts in Canva.

Best Free Quote Fonts In Canva

Aleo Light – Quote By Dale Carnegie To Keep Trying

Aleo Light - Quote Fonts In Canva

Aleo Light offers elegance and subtlety, making it a superb choice for quotes by Dale Carnegie that encourage persistence and effort.

This font’s light weight and refined features, combined with its elegant fonts and subtle design elements, provide a serene backdrop for motivational quotes, enhancing their message with grace and sophistication.

Aleo Light exemplifies how the right font selection can elevate the tone of a quote, making it a preferred choice for those looking to create visually appealing and thought-provoking content in Canva.

Alike – Quote About Faith

Alike - Quote Fonts In Canva

Alike, with its ornate serifs and subtle elegance, is a prime example of how elegant fonts for quotes in Canva can deeply convey themes of faith and spirituality.

This serif font incorporates decorative elements that enrich the tone of the quote, making it a highly professional font choice for those seeking to create quote graphics that are visually appealing and resonate with depth and contemplation.

Amatic SC – Plant-Based Quote

Amatic SC - Quote Fonts In Canva

Amatic SC is the ideal font for quotes in Canva when aiming for a look that’s both organic and visually appealing.

This handwritten script font adds a personal touch to plant-based quotes, making them resonate more deeply with an audience appreciative of sustainability and natural beauty.

Its simplicity and charm make it a fantastic choice for adding a contemporary and cool vibe to quote graphics, especially when the tone of the quote reflects authenticity and an organic lifestyle.

Anton – Startup Quote

Anton - Quote Fonts In Canva

Anton, with its bold weight and impactful font style, is perfectly suited for startup motivational quotes in Canva.

This sans-serif typeface is bold and attention-grabbing, designed to make statements that are both bold and impactful.

Anton is a top font selection among design experts who cover the best fonts for quotes, especially for conveying the dynamic energy and forward-thinking mindset of startups.

Its clean lines and sans-serif design elements make it highly professional, ideal for quotes that aim to inspire and motivate.

Archivo Black – Mark Twain Happiness Quote

Archivo Black - Quote Fonts In Canva

Archivo Black is a bold font that brings authority and emphasis to Mark Twain happiness quotes.

This impactful font incorporates subtle design elements that command attention, making it an excellent choice for quotes that require a tone of wisdom and profundity.

Its bold weight ensures that the message is delivered with clarity, making it a top pick for quote graphics that aim to leave a lasting impression.

Arial – Quote For Your Brand

Arial - Quote Fonts In Canva

Arial, a classic sans-serif typeface, represents the ideal font for your brand’s quotes, offering a clean, professional look that’s versatile and highly legible.

This font’s straightforward and bold fonts make it perfect for conveying brand identity through quotes, ensuring messages are clear and impactful.

Arial’s use in Canva templates allows for customization, making it a staple in creating quote graphics that are both brand-aligned and attention-grabbing.

Bodoni FLF – Quote To Shine

Bodoni FLF - Quote Fonts In Canva

Bodoni FLF brings a touch of luxury and sophistication to quotes designed to inspire individuals to shine.

Its dramatic contrast and classic vibe, characteristic of the Bodoni font family, add a layer of drama and elegance to any quote, making it especially suited for messages of aspiration and excellence.

Bodoni FLF’s timeless elegance and bold weight make it an impactful font for quotes that encourage confidence and individuality, showcasing the power of elegant fonts in enhancing the motivational tone of a quote.

Cooper Hewitt – Enlightening Quote

Cooper Hewitt - Quote Fonts In Canva

Cooper Hewitt, as a contemporary and cool sans-serif typeface, is perfectly suited for enlightening quotes that aim to inform and inspire.

Its geometric forms and clean lines embody modernity and clarity, ideal for delivering messages with a fresh perspective.

Cooper Hewitt’s design ensures that enlightening quotes are not only impactful but also visually appealing, making it a go-to font in Canva for designers looking to merge message with aesthetic harmoniously and effectively.

Cormorant Garamond – Create Quote By Elizabeth Gilbert

Cormorant Garamond - Quote Fonts In Canva

Cormorant Garamond, with its elegant fonts and ornate serifs, is a south Korea serif that adds a layer of sophistication and elegance to quotes by Elizabeth Gilbert on creativity.

This font family is ideal for conveying the thoughtful and introspective nature of creative quotes, with its ability to incorporate decorative elements and alternate characters to customize the appearance of each quote.

Its elegance makes it perfect for Canva templates that aim to inspire through beauty and depth.

Courgette – Quote On Happiness

Courgette - Quote Fonts In Canva

Courgette adds a whimsical and joyful tone to quotes on happiness with its playful script font, making every message feel more engaging and lively.

This font’s unique charm and casual elegance in Canva are perfect for spreading joy and positivity through quotes, highlighting how the right font selection can transform the mood and impact of the words.

Eczar – Quote By Michelle Obama

Eczar - Quote Fonts In Canva

Eczar, with its robust serifs and dynamic weight variations, is an impactful font for quotes from influential figures like Michelle Obama.

This font embodies the bold and empowering messages she is known for, making it an ideal font selection for motivational quotes that inspire action and change.

Eczar’s ornate serifs and ability to incorporate subtle design elements ensure that the tone of the quote is not just conveyed but felt, making it a standout choice in Canva’s arsenal for creating bold and impactful quote graphics.

Glacial Indifference – Scenic Photography Quote

Glacial Indifference - Quote Fonts In Canva

Glacial Indifference is a contemporary and cool sans-serif font that makes scenic photography quotes in Canva stand out.

Its modern, sans-serif typeface offers a clean backdrop to quotes, enhancing the visual narrative without overwhelming the scenic beauty of the photography.

This font is ideal for designers looking for a font for quotes that supports the beauty of the imagery while ensuring readability and impact.

Its contemporary style and versatility make it a great choice for combining fonts in Canva, especially when creating visually appealing quote templates that engage and inspire.

Glass Antiqua – Simple Love Quote

Glass Antiqua - Quote Fonts In Canva

Glass Antiqua brings a vintage touch and an art deco flair to simple love quotes, embodying the ideal font for quotes on Canva that aim to capture a classic vibe.

Its unique design elements make romantic quotes visually appealing, enhancing the tone of the quote with a sense of timeless elegance.

This font is a testament to how elegant fonts and design elements can transform the background color of quote templates into something bold and attention-grabbing.

Jonathan – Friendship Quote

Jonathan - Quote Fonts In Canva

Jonathan stands out as a contemporary and cool choice for friendship quotes, showcasing how combining fonts with a modern sans-serif typeface can create quote graphics that are both warm and impactful.

It incorporates subtle design elements, making it an ideal font selection for messages that celebrate the bonds of friendship with a contemporary style.

Josefin Sans – Quote By Abraham Lincoln

Josefin Sans - Quote Fonts In Canva

Josefin Sans is a testament to the power of combining fonts with a vintage touch and contemporary style, making it an ideal font for quotes attributed to historical figures like Abraham Lincoln.

This sans-serif font selection in Canva is perfect for those looking to impart a classic vibe while maintaining modern readability, ensuring Abraham Lincoln’s profound words on liberty, equality, and democracy are both bold and impactful.

Libre Baskerville – Travel Quote

Libre Baskerville - Quote Fonts In Canva

Libre Baskerville is recognized for its ornate serifs and bold weight, making it an impactful font for travel quotes.

As part of the Libre Baskerville font family, it brings a level of sophistication and elegance to Canva templates.

It is perfectly suited for conveying the adventurous spirit and insightful reflections of travel, backed by the professional fonts and brand identity that Canva Pro users often seek.

Lora – Quote By Mitch Albom

Lora - Quote Fonts In Canva

Lora offers a soft, elegant font style, ideal for quotes by Mitch Albom. It demonstrates how bold fonts and elegant curves can reflect the profound and motivational quotes Albom is known for.

The font’s ability to incorporate decorative elements and alternate characters allows users to customize the appearance of each quote, making it a versatile tool in Canva’s graphic design tool arsenal.

Lustria – Albert Einstein Quote About Creativity

Lustria - Quote Fonts In Canva

Lustria captures the essence of Albert Einstein quotes about creativity with its clean lines and serif design, showcasing the ideal font selection for quotes aiming to inspire innovation.

Its contemporary style and the ability to convey bold and impactful messages make it a standout choice for designers looking to create motivational quotes that resonate.

The use of Lustria in Canva templates highlights the power of font combinations and the strategic use of design elements to enhance the brand fonts and identity within a visually appealing and thought-provoking context.

Maragsa – Quote By Martin Luther King Jr.

Maragsa - Quote Fonts In Canva

Maragsa, with its bold and distinctive character, perfectly encapsulates the profound and motivational quotes by Martin Luther King Jr.

This ideal font for quotes on Canva carries each word with the weight and dignity it deserves, making it a prime choice for designs that aim to inspire change and provoke thought.

Its use in quote graphics emphasizes the tone of the quote, ensuring that the message is not only seen but felt deeply by the audience.

Montserrat Classic – Outdoor Quote

Montserrat Classic - Quote Fonts In Canva

Montserrat Classic provides a clean, modern sans-serif aesthetic that’s perfect for outdoor quotes meant to inspire adventure and wonder.

As a highly professional and versatile font, Montserrat Classic is a favorite among design experts for its contemporary style and clarity, ensuring that messages stand out in any setting.

Its uniformity and elegance make it an ideal font for quotes in Canva, especially for designs that aim to capture the essence of freedom and exploration in the great outdoors.

Norwester – Babe Ruth Inspirational Quote

Norwester - Quote Fonts In Canva

Norwester, a condensed sans-serif typeface, brings a contemporary style and boldness to Babe Ruth’s inspirational quotes.

This font’s bold weight and impactful font style make it a standout choice for motivational quotes that aim to push boundaries and inspire ambition.

Norwester is highlighted in Canva templates for its ability to convey the spirit of perseverance, making every word resonate with the strength and determination of the legendary sports icon.

Nourd – Quote By Mahatma Gandhi On Service

Nourd - Quote Fonts In Canva

Nourd offers a serene and elegant font style, making it the perfect canvas for quotes by Mahatma Gandhi on service and peace.

This font selection incorporates subtle design elements and ornate serifs that reflect the depth and compassion of Gandhi’s messages.

Nourd’s graceful presence in quote graphics on Canva ensures that each word inspires action through peaceful means, embodying the essence of Gandhi’s teachings.

Open Sans Extra Bold – Motivational Quote

Open Sans Extra Bold - Quote Fonts In Canva

Open Sans Extra Bold, with its clean, modern sans-serif structure, serves as an impactful font for motivational quotes that demand attention.

Its boldness and clarity make it an ideal font for quotes in Canva, perfect for messages that energize and motivate.

The use of Open Sans Extra Bold in Canva’s design toolkit allows creators to craft visually appealing and bold statements that engage and inspire the viewer.

Over The Rainbow – Quote By Bob Marley

Over The Rainbow - Quote Fonts In Canva

Over The Rainbow embodies the essence of Bob Marley’s uplifting and motivational quotes with its handwritten script font style, offering a personal touch that feels intimate and direct.

Its casual elegance and flowing design make it a superb font for quotes in Canva aimed at inspiring positivity and hope, showcasing the power of font style to echo the tone and message of the quote.

Playfair Display – Steve Jobs Quote On Self-Belief

Playfair Display - Quote Fonts In Canva

Playfair Display adds an element of sophistication and elegance to quotes by Steve Jobs on innovation and self-belief.

This font, with its elegant fonts and ornate serifs, complements the insightful nature of Jobs’ words, making it a preferred choice for conveying messages of vision and leadership.

Playfair Display’s use in quote templates on Canva showcases how combining fonts with classic vibes and contemporary style can enhance the visual impact of quotes, inspiring creativity and excellence.

Sacramento – Jack Johnson Quote On Dreaming Big

Sacramento - Quote Fonts In Canva

Sacramento, with its elegant handwritten script, is the ideal font for quotes on Canva when it comes to capturing the essence of dreaming big as articulated by Jack Johnson.

Its fluid and personal touch adds a layer of intimacy and inspiration, making it a perfect choice for motivational quotes that encourage readers to pursue their dreams with heart and soul.

Sacramento’s style embodies a blend of vintage touch and contemporary cool, making every romantic quote visually appealing and emotionally resonant.

Sifonn – Quote Of Encouragement

Sifonn - Quote Fonts In Canva

Sifonn offers a geometric and bold font style that stands out for quotes of encouragement, embodying the bold and impactful nature of the words it presents.

Its clean lines and modern appearance make it a superb selection for quote graphics that aim to uplift and empower,

Sifonn demonstrates the effectiveness of combining fonts with bold weight to create a statement that is both visually striking and emotionally stirring.

Final Thoughts

Through strategic font selection and the incorporation of design elements, Canva enables designers and creators to transform quotes into visually appealing and meaningful graphics.

Whether through bold and impactful sans-serif fonts or elegant serifs that convey a classic vibe, Canva’s library offers a diverse range of fonts for quotes on Canva, catering to various themes and messages.

These fonts not only enhance the brand identity but also ensure that the tone and message of the quotes are communicated effectively, making every design both memorable and inspiring.

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