How Many Artboards Can You Have In Illustrator?

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the question: “How many artboards can you have in Adobe Illustrator?”

how many artboards can you have in illustrator

What Are Illustrator Artboards?

canvas artboard in adobe illustrator
A green arrow pointing to an Illustrator artboard

So what are artboards in Illustrator? In Adobe Illustrator, including both Adobe Illustrator CC and Illustrator CS, an artboard acts like an individual canvas within an Illustrator file.

These separate spaces, also known as “art boards,” are perfect for accommodating different pieces of artwork. The “artboards panel” in Adobe Illustrator helps you easily manage these spaces.

How Many Artboards Can You Have In Illustrator?

You can add a new artboard as many times as you want in one file so long they can fit the given space. The number of artboards you can add in Illustrator also depends on the size of your artboards.

Though the smaller the artboards, the more you can accommodate, there is still a maximum number of artboards allowed in one file. So, how many artboards does Illustrator allow for within a single file?

The maximum artboard limit in Illustrator you can have in a single Illustrator file, irrespective of whether it’s Adobe Illustrator CC or CS, is 1,000.

The “artboard number” limit is generous, to say the least, and caters to most graphic design needs.

maximum artboard limit in illustrator is 1000

Why Does Adobe Illustrator Have an Artboard Limit?

You may be wondering: “How many artboards can you have in Illustrator?” After all, more space could mean more room for creativity, right?

Well, not exactly. The limit of 1,000 artboards in Adobe Illustrator—whether you’re using Adobe Illustrator CC, Illustrator CS, or other versions—has been strategically set for a variety of reasons.

1. Performance Over Unlimited Space

adobe Illustrator overworked causing software crash

The first, and perhaps the most crucial reason for limiting the number of artboards, is software performance.

Adobe Illustrator, a prominent part of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, is a vector-based graphic design software that uses computational resources to render graphics, objects, and layer groups.

An unlimited number of artboards could overwhelm your computer’s processing power and memory, leading to sluggish performance and even software crashes.

Therefore, the limit exists to ensure that Illustrator remains responsive and efficient across different hardware specifications.

2. User Experience Considerations

multiple artboards in Illustrator

Adobe aims to provide a smooth user experience in Illustrator, and this involves striking a balance between flexibility and usability in its control panel and interface.

An excessive number of artboards could clutter the artboards panel and workspace, complicating the process of moving artboards around and manipulating selected artboards.

You might find it cumbersome to navigate and edit artboards amidst the chaos.

3. Compatibility Across Devices and Versions

edit adobe illustrator files on mobile phones

Adobe Illustrator is designed to be compatible across a variety of systems, from high-end graphic design stations to more modest laptops and mobile phones.

The artboard limit ensures that you can open a new document and edit an existing artboard on different devices without worrying about hardware limitations.

This extends to the compatibility between Adobe Illustrator CC and Illustrator CS versions, facilitating collaboration among graphic designers using different versions of the software.

4. Streamlining Workflows

artboards and layers panels in illustrator

A practical advantage of the artboard limit is that it encourages graphic designers to categorize and divide their work into more manageable chunks.

Rather than piling all your different artwork onto an infinite canvas, the artboard limit helps you organize your artwork and maintain different artboard dimensions.

This leads to more efficient workflows, easier project management, and a more organized Layers panel.

5. Influence of Other Adobe Software Suites

adobe illustrator to adobe photoshop conversion

Adobe’s extensive product suite includes other software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, and Photoshop CC, each with its limitations and capabilities.

The artboard limit in Illustrator is designed to ensure seamless transitioning between different Adobe programs, making it easier for you to switch from editing a Photoshop CC layer group to working on an individual artboard in Illustrator.

6. Technical Stability And File Integrity

an unknown error has occurred – adobe illustrator won't save

Large Illustrator files (.ai) can affect not only software performance but also the integrity of the Illustrator file itself.

The artboard limit helps to control the artboard size and artboard dimensions, reducing the chances of file corruption and data loss.

This is especially crucial when you need to duplicate artboards, delete artboards, or rearrange all artboards.

Strategies for Working Around the Artboard Limit

If you need more than the existing 1,000 artboards, you might consider creating a new document and thereby divide your project into multiple Illustrator files.

This will help you keep your “control panel” less cluttered and your computer’s performance optimized.

Artboard Management Made Easy

select artboard from artboards panel

Adobe Illustrator’s “artboards panel” and “artboard tool” make it incredibly easy to rearrange artboards, edit artboards, and duplicate artboards. Here are some quick tips:

  • Naming Conventions: Always name your individual artboards.
  • Artboard Dimensions: You can edit “artboard size” through the document setup “dialog box” or the control panel.
  • Smart Guides for Alignment: Adobe Illustrator offers “smart guides” that help align objects across different artboards.

When to Use Multiple Artboards in Illustrator

open layers panel

Using “multiple artboards” is beneficial when you’re dealing with extensive projects. These might include multiple pages of branding assets or UI/UX designs.

Adobe Illustrator provides a rich “layers panel,” enabling you to manage “artwork” across multiple artboards seamlessly.

How to Add or Delete Artboards in Adobe Illustrator

For adding a new artboard, use the Artboard Tool (Shortcut: Shift+O). The New Artboard button usually appears as you select the tool.

To delete artboards, you can either select the selected artboard and press the Delete key or opt for the ‘delete artboard’ feature.

Here are the steps:

Step 1: New Artboard

First, select Create New Document in the New Document dialog box. Or start a new document by selecting File > New.

start new document in illustrator – how to set dpi in Illustrator

Open More Settings. Add the number of artboards, set spacing, size, units, orientation, and bleed.

Or, go to Window in the top menu bar, and select Artboards to open the Artboards Panel.

select artboards from window on top menu

In the Artboards Panel, click on the plus “+” icon on the bottom right-hand side to add a new artboard.

click add artboard button at the bottom of the artboard panel in illustrator

Step 2: Artboard Tool

Go to the Toolbar and select the Artboard Tool.

select artboard tool from toolbar in Adobe Illustrator

Or use the keyboard shortcut Shift + O to change the cursor to the Artboard Tool cursor.

keyboard shortcut Shift and O

Step 3: Delete Artboard

Select any artboard you want to adjust with the Artboard Tool cursor by clicking on the artboard once. To delete, press the Delete button on the keyboard once and your artboard will disappear.

Performance Optimization Tips for Adobe Illustrator

Whether you’re using the Adobe Creative Cloud suite or standalone versions, performance can dip when handling multiple artboards.

Keep only the active artboards or “active artboard” in the workspace, and optimize the “layers panel” to improve performance.

Number of Artboards In Illustrator: FAQs

How Do I Add More Than 100 Artboards In Illustrator?

You can definitely have more than 100 artboards in Adobe Illustrator, up to a maximum of 1,000. Adding extra artboards beyond the initial set you start with is straightforward.

You can utilize the Artboard tool (Shift+O) to achieve this. After selecting the Artboard tool, click and drag in an empty space within your workspace to create a new artboard.

You can also duplicate an existing artboard by selecting it and then opting for the duplicate option. Another method is to go to the artboard panel, click on the “New Artboard Button,” and input your preferred artboard dimensions.

Whichever method you choose, remember that the artboard number won’t exceed the set limit of 1,000 artboards.

What Is The Maximum Limit For Creating Artboard?

The maximum limit for creating artboards in Adobe Illustrator is 1,000. This limitation exists for various reasons, ranging from software performance to user experience considerations.

Adobe has carefully set this number to ensure that your Illustrator file remains manageable and that the software performs optimally across different system configurations.

It’s a good practice to be aware of this artboard limit when planning extensive projects in Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Illustrator CC.

How Do I Increase The Number Of Artboards In Illustrator?

Increasing the number of artboards in Adobe Illustrator is a simple process. First, open your existing Illustrator file where you want to add more artboards.

You’ll need to select the Artboard tool, which you can find in the toolbar or by pressing Shift+O. Once the tool is activated, you’ll see your cursor change to the Artboard tool icon.

From there, click and drag on an empty space within the workspace to create a new artboard.

Your new artboard will appear, and you can adjust its size by dragging its corners or using the control panel to specify exact dimensions.

If you prefer duplicating existing artboards, simply select an existing one and then choose the “Duplicate Artboard” option in the Artboards panel.

What Is The Max Limit Of Artboard In Illustrator?

The maximum number of artboards you can have in a single Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Illustrator CC file is 1,000.

Adobe sets this limit to balance the program’s performance with user needs. Having a high number of artboards could slow down the software and affect the user experience.

If your project requires more than 1,000 artboards, consider splitting it into multiple Illustrator files to manage your graphic design work more efficiently.

How Do I Increase My Artboards?

If you’re looking to increase the number of artboards in your Illustrator file, there are a couple of methods to do so. You can either create a new artboard or duplicate an existing one.

For creating a new one, select the Artboard tool by hitting Shift+O or by selecting it from the toolbar. Then click and drag in an empty area to create the new artboard.

You can adjust the size by pulling on its corners or using the dialog box to set specific dimensions.

To duplicate an existing artboard, first select the artboard you want to duplicate. Then, in the Artboards panel, click the “Duplicate Artboard” button.

The new artboard will appear in your workspace, and you can rearrange it as needed. Both methods will contribute to increasing your total number of artboards, but remember that the maximum you can have in a single Illustrator file is 1,000.

Can I Make A Master Page In Illustrator?

No — While Adobe Illustrator doesn’t offer “Master Pages” like Adobe InDesign, you can achieve a similar effect by creating a template artboard.

This template can contain elements like logos, footer text, or any other graphic design elements you want to replicate across multiple artboards. Once your template artboard is set up, simply duplicate this artboard every time you create a new one.

While it’s not exactly the same as having a Master Page, it provides a useful workaround for ensuring consistency across your design project.

Final Thoughts On Artboard Limits

So, when it comes to the question, “How many artboards can you have in Illustrator?”—the answer lies in Adobe’s commitment to balancing user experience with software performance.

While 1,000 artboards might seem restrictive, this limit ensures Adobe Illustrator remains a powerful yet accessible tool, whether you’re a seasoned graphic designer or just starting out in graphic design.

Understanding these limitations helps you plan your projects better, whether you’re dealing with multiple pages, changing canvas size, or the object and artwork intricacies of a complex Illustrator file.

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