3 Easy Steps To Add A New Artboard In Illustrator

In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know on how to add a new artboard in Illustrator.

how to add a new artboard in illustrator

What Is an Artboard in Adobe Illustrator?

Think of an artboard as your canvas—your personal space in the Illustrator document where your design comes to life. The artboard tool is your key to this realm.

In Illustrator, an artboard represents the space where you’ll place vectors, graphics, and text. The flexibility to have multiple artboards can give you a different perspective on your design process.

Why Do You Need Multiple Artboards?

The number of artboards you use can be like having several sheets of paper on your desk, each labeled in the Artboards Panel.

It’s especially handy when working on projects with multiple elements or pages, like a brochure or a set of icons for different social media platforms. Having additional artboards can streamline your design process.

How to Add a New Artboard In Simple Steps?

Adding a new artboard is simple! Here’s your quick guide:

Step 1: Launch Adobe Illustrator and either open an existing file or create a new file by going to the top menu bar and selecting File > New.

start new file on illustrator

Step 2: Go to the Toolbar, and select the Artboard Tool (the icon looks like a crop symbol).

select artboard tool from toolbar in Adobe Illustrator

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Or open the Artboard Panel by going to the top menu bar and selecting Window > Artboards.

select artboards from window on top menu

Click the New Artboard Button: You can find it at the bottom of the panel or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + N.

click add artboard button at the bottom of the artboard panel in illustrator

Step 3: Click and Drag on the workspace to create a custom-sized artboard manually.

canvas artboard in adobe illustrator

Navigating the Artboard Panel

The Artboard Panel or “Artboards Panel” is a control panel that helps you manage your artboards. To open it:

  1. Go to Window in the top menu.
  2. Select Artboards from the dropdown.

In this panel, you’ll find a list of artboards and different options for management.

Artboard Presets and the New Document Dialog Box

Save time by using artboard presets. You set these up in the New Document Dialog Box. Here, you can specify the size of your artboard, file format, and color mode for individual artboards.

Rearranging and Resizing Artboards

Rearranging artboards brings a different order to your creative process. Use the Artboard Tool to move artboards in Illustrator. Or use the Artboard Options Dialog Box for different versions.

  1. Resizing an Existing Artboard: Use the Artboard too to select the artboard you wish to resize, and drag the bounding box handles.
  2. Move Artwork: If you need to move artwork along with the artboard, select the Move/Copy Artwork with Artboard button and click and drag the artboard with the Artboard Tool.

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Deleting and Duplicating Artboards

  1. Delete Key: To remove a specific artboard, select it and press the Delete or Backspace key.
  2. Duplicate Artboards: Alt + Click (or Option + Click for Mac) on the artboard you want to copy.

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Additional Tools and Panels

  1. Layers Panel: Keep track of objects across different artboards.
  2. Properties Panel: Adjust specific settings for the selected artboard.
  3. Rectangle and Selection Tools: These are part of your broader tools panel and tools palette that will help you in your design tasks.

Final Tips and Next Steps for Effective Artboard Management

  1. Use Shortcuts: Keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl + N can save you a lot of time.
  2. Privacy Policy and Terms of Service: Always keep these in mind when sharing files.
  3. Document Setup and Save As: Use different file formats and consider creating a separate file for different artboard sizes.

Remember, this is a living document, always evolving based on new tools and methods, and your feedback is invaluable. Ready to take the next step in your Adobe Illustrator journey?

Please note that some of the features and shortcuts mentioned may depend on the version of Adobe Illustrator you’re using and your browser type. Always refer to the most updated terms of service, cookie policy, and privacy statements when using new software.

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