How To Resize Text Box In Illustrator Without Scaling Text

In this guide, you’ll learn an easy way on how to resize text box in Illustrator without scaling the text. Essentially, the size of the type remains the same while it adapts to the new size of the text box.

how to resize text box in illustrator

Step 1: Convert To Area Type

Whether you copy and paste text from other platforms or directly type in Illustrator doesn’t matter. If there is anything wrong with your text, this step will sort it out for you.

If you know that your text is already Area Type, you can skip this step and move on to Step 2.

With your new text box on your artboard, select your text with the Selection Tool. Then, from the Type menu, choose Convert to Area Type.

convert point type to area type text

This changes your point text to an area type object, which is crucial for resizing the text area without altering the font size.

For new text boxes, especially when working with variable fonts or aiming for the largest size, using the Type Tool (the text tool) and using Area Type Options can be beneficial.

This allows you to work with the right kind of type and gives you more control over how the text behaves within the area text box.

For example, to be able to justify text in Illustrator, you will have to convert your text to Area Type.

you can't adjust a point type text box but you can drag area type text box without distorting the text in adobe illustrator
Point Type vs Area Type

Step 2: Show Bounding Box

Whether you are a professional or average user, Adobe Illustrator makes it straightforward to manipulate bounding boxes.

If your text bounding box is not showing, your text box may look like this:

Text frame edges

First, click on your text box to select it with the black arrow tool, also known as the Selection Tool (shortcut V). Then, ensure the bounding box is visible by going to View > Show Bounding Box.

select view on top menu and select Show Bounding Box in drop-down menu of Illustrator

Another way is to use keyboard shortcut keys Shift + Command + B on a Mac or Shift + Control + B on a Windows.

This step is crucial as it’s the only way to visually adjust the anchor points and the text box size.

Your text should look like this with bounding box:

illustrator text box bounding box and object edges
Text with bounding box in Adobe Illustrator

If the bounding box doesn’t appear, adjust your view level or check your screen resolution.

You may also wish to switch to the white arrow, known as the Direct Selection Tool, for more detailed adjustments.

Step 3: Resize With Selection Tool

With the black arrow tool, select the area type box. When resizing, use the anchor points on the bounding box for precision.

resize text box by clicking and dragging anchor point of bounding box in illustrator

Holding the Shift key maintains proportions.

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You can also use the Direct Selection Tool (the white arrow) for nuanced control over the text area.

As you resize the area type object, you might notice that the text auto-flows or wraps itself with the text box to fit the adjusted dimensions.

This is a long-time feature of Adobe Illustrator that ensures the text reflows appropriately within the bounds of the area type box.

Additional Tools and Tips

  • Scale Tool: While not the primary tool for this task, the Scale Tool can be useful for resizing the entire object, text included, if that’s your intention.
  • Or you can use the Free Transform Tool (shortcut E) for more options like skewing or distorting the text box or enlarging text in Illustrator.
  • Point Type vs Area Type: Understanding the difference between these kinds of type is crucial. Point type is more rigid, while area type offers flexibility, especially in the context of resizing text boxes in Adobe Illustrator.

By following these steps, you can efficiently resize a text box in Adobe Illustrator without altering the size of the type, making it an easy and practical solution for many design tasks.

FAQs: Resizing Text Box In Illustrator

How do I change the size of the selection box in Illustrator?

To change the size of the selection box in Illustrator, you need to use the Direct Selection Tool (white arrow) or the Selection Tool (black arrow).

Click on the object to select it, which will show the bounding box with handles. Drag these handles to resize the box.

To maintain proportions, hold down the Shift key while dragging. Remember, this changes the size of the object itself, not just its selection box.

How do I change text size in Illustrator?

To change the text size in Illustrator, select the text using the Type Tool (T). Then, go to the Character panel; if it’s not already open, you can access it by going to Window > Type > Character.

In the Character panel, you’ll find a size input box where you can type in a new size or use the up and down arrows to adjust the font size.

You can also highlight the text and then choose a new size from the drop-down menu in the options bar at the top of the screen.

How do you free transform a text box in Illustrator?

To free transform a text box in Illustrator, select the text box using the Selection Tool (black arrow). Then, go to Object > Transform > Free Transform, or use the keyboard shortcut E.

This will bring up the Free Transform Tool, allowing you to rotate, resize, skew, or distort the text box.

Click and drag outside the bounding box to rotate, or drag the handles to resize. Hold down the Shift key to constrain proportions while resizing.

How do I change the shape of a text box in Illustrator?

To change the shape of a text box in Illustrator, use the Direct Selection Tool (white arrow). With this tool, you can click on and manipulate individual anchor points of the text box.

This allows you to alter the shape of the box precisely. If the text box is an Area Type, you can also use the Type Tool (T) to select the text box and then adjust its shape by dragging the handles.

For more complex shapes, you might convert the text to outlines (Type > Create Outlines) and then manipulate the shape, but be aware that this makes the text uneditable as text.

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