How To Resize Or Change Artboard Size In Illustrator

This article will guide you through the process on how to change artboard size in Illustrator. You will also learn essential features like the artboard tool, canvas size, and document setup.

how to change artboard size in illustrator

Creating A New Artboard

When starting a new file in Illustrator, the new document window prompts you to set the initial size of your canvas.

Here, you can create a new artboard, enter the document Width and Height, specify the number of artboards, and choose the layout.

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The properties panel offers customization options, including color modes and artwork bounds.

create new document dialog box in illustrator

How To Change Artboard Size In Illustrator

Changing the size of an artboard in Adobe Illustrator is a straightforward process. Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1: Select The Artboard Tool

With your document opened up, go to the Tools panel (usually on the left side of the screen), and find the Artboard Tool, a dedicated tool for artboards. It looks like a rectangle with a corner missing.

select artboard tool from toolbar in Adobe Illustrator

Alternatively, you can press the Shift key and the O key (Shift + O) on your keyboard to activate it.

If you wish to add more artboards, go ahead to add a new artboard or you can duplicate artboards with the Artboard tool.

Step 2: Edit The Artboard Size

Once the Artboard Tool is selected, click on the artboard you want to resize. This will display the artboard’s current dimensions.

You can manually adjust the size by dragging the edges or corners of the artboard.

click and drag corner to manually resize or change artboard size in illustrator

For specific size adjustments, the top bar displays numerical values for the width and height of the artboard. You can change it to any size from the smallest to the largest artboard size in Illustrator.

Enter a numerical value directly for precision, or use the transform panel to adjust the width dimension and height values.

change width and height artboard numerical values in control panel illustrator

This is an easier way to achieve an exact size, which is essential in professional settings.

After resizing, go ahead to save your document. If you’re preparing the file for export, check the new artboard size to ensure it fits your needs.

Do note that changing the artboard size won’t scale the contents of the artboard automatically. If you need to resize the content as well, you’ll have to do it separately using the Selection Tool and other features in Illustrator.

Working with Multiple Artboards

If you have multiple artboards and want to resize them all, select them using the Artboard Tool, and then, once you see the blue bounding box appear, you can adjust them as needed.

In complex Illustrator files, managing different sizes of artboards becomes crucial. The artboards panel on the right-hand side of the Illustrator document provides an overview.

Here, you can edit artboards, duplicate them, or adjust the size of multiple artboards simultaneously.

Utilizing Presets and Custom Sizes

The preset dropdown list in the new document window offers standard sizes for various projects.

For a custom approach, the artboard options menu in the artboard panel allows you to save specific dimensions, an efficient way to handle projects like printing various-sized logos.

Orientation and Aspect Ratio

Changing the orientation and aspect ratio of your artboard is simple. In the Artboard Options panel, a dropdown menu lets you switch between landscape and portrait.

The top Control panel also allows you to change the orientation (landscape or portrait) of the artboard.

change artboard orientation in illustrator control panel

Maintaining the aspect ratio is vital, to keep proportion of your artwork, especially when resizing for different mediums.

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Advanced Artboard Features

Advanced features in Illustrator enhance artboard management. The transform window and artboard options menu offer more control over artboard dimensions.

Additionally, the artboard settings in the document setup dialog box allow for detailed customization of each artboard.

Common Pitfalls and Solutions

One common issue is inadvertently altering the size of design elements while adjusting the artboard’s size.

To avoid this, lock layers or use the transform panel to control the height and width of your selection precisely. Understanding these best practices prevents common errors.

Final Thoughts To Resize Artboard In Illustrator

Manipulating the artboard size in Adobe Illustrator is a fundamental skill, crucial for a range of projects, from designing for a small start-up company to creating elaborate illustrations.

Whether it’s a small artboard for a logo or a larger artboard size for a complex illustration, the simple steps outlined here will help you achieve the desired document size.

Embrace these techniques to enhance your Illustrator cc experience, and unlock the full potential of your creative workspace.

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