Does Canva Work Offline And Ways to Use It Without Internet

There are times you want to travel offroad and create designs on Canva, most likely you won’t have a consistent internet connection along the way. You may be wondering — Can I Still Use Canva Offline? 

In this article, you’ll discover ways to design on Canva on the go without an internet connection.

can you use canva offline

Does Canva Work Offline?

YES — You can use Canva offline to adjust your designs, change the colors of your elements, edit text, move things around, and change the positions of different layers.

Note that this only applies to Canva using the browser and Canva desktop.

NO — You can’t use Canva offline on mobile and Canva is not fully functional offline on a browser and Canva desktop app. For Canva on a browser and desktop app, you can’t download your designs, stock images, auto-save, undo, redo, add more shapes and elements, and collaborate.

you are offline on canva

How To Use Canva Offline?

If you want to use Canva offline and you already know you will be traveling quite a bit, you can prepare in advance and download the Canva desktop app for your laptop.

Although you can also use Canva offline in the internet browser with limitations, you won’t be able to access “” when you want to without an internet connection.

Also, you won’t be able to open up the Canva app on the laptop if it was closed before you lose your internet connection.

If you were to shut down your laptop or close the Canva app, the next time you open it up offline, you won’t have access to any of your designs. Instead, you will see this:

you are currently offline notice on canva

In this case, the way to do it is to leave the designs you want to be opened up on the Canva app and leave your laptop to sleep and not shut it down. The app has to be opened as well and seen on your screen before you put your laptop to sleep.

Why Can’t You Fully Use Canva Offline?

When you are offline or there’s no internet connection, your Canva platform becomes only available for use on your laptop. Although you may be able to move things around on the Canva browser and desktop app, for the most part, you can’t take advantage of Canva’s templates and media.

working on canva offline
This is what my Canva app looks like offline. Most items are greyed out, but I can still select my graphic and edit it.

Here are some reasons why you can’t fully use Canva offline.

1. Internet Dependency

One of the primary reasons why you can’t use Canva offline to its fullest is its heavy dependence on an internet connection. Canva is primarily designed as a web-based platform, which means it operates through a browser interface and requires a constant connection to its servers.

Without an active internet connection, you won’t be able to access Canva or its features.

2. Cloud Storage and Collaboration

Canva relies heavily on cloud storage for saving and synchronizing user data. When you create designs on Canva, they are stored in the cloud, allowing you to access them from multiple devices.

This cloud-based approach enables collaboration and seamless sharing of designs with others. However, it also means that an internet connection is necessary to save and sync your work.

3. Real-Time Updates and Templates

canva templates gallery – can you use Canva offline

Canva offers an extensive library of templates, images, and design elements that users can incorporate into their projects. These templates and assets are regularly updated and expanded to provide users with a wide range of design options.

To access the latest templates and updates, an internet connection is required as Canva fetches them from its servers.

4. Performance and Resource Requirements

Canva’s web-based platform is optimized to deliver a smooth and responsive user experience. It leverages the power of servers to handle complex design operations and rendering.

By relying on servers, Canva offloads resource-intensive tasks, making it possible to run smoothly on various devices, including low-powered machines. To maintain this level of performance, an internet connection is necessary.

5. Collaboration and Feedback

canva team communication

One of Canva’s key features is its collaboration functionality, which allows users to work together on design projects. In real-time collaboration, multiple users can simultaneously edit, and provide feedback on a design.

This collaborative aspect heavily relies on an internet connection to synchronize changes and facilitate smooth communication between team members.

Alternatives to Canva Without Internet

If you’re looking for an alternative to Canva that can be used offline, there are several options available. In this section, we will discuss some of the most popular alternatives to Canva and its features.

Photoshop and Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator are two of the most popular graphic design software programs available. They are both part of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite and are widely used by professionals and creatives around the world. While the full Creative Cloud suite can be quite expensive, you can purchase individual licenses for Photoshop and Illustrator.

Photoshop is a powerful tool for editing and manipulating images, while Illustrator is great for creating vector graphics. Both programs are feature-rich and offer a wide range of tools and capabilities. However, they can be quite complex and may require some time to learn.

GIMP and Inkscape

GIMP and Inkscape are two free and open-source alternatives to Canva. GIMP is a powerful image editing software, while Inkscape is a vector graphics editor. Both programs offer a wide range of features and capabilities and are great for creating and editing designs.

While GIMP and Inkscape are free, they may not be as user-friendly as some other design software. They may require some time to learn and get used to, but once you do, they can be a great alternative to Canva.

Procreate and Figma

Procreate and Figma are two design software programs that are great for creating digital designs. Procreate is a digital illustration and sketching app that is specifically designed for the iPad. It offers a wide range of tools and capabilities and is great for creating digital illustrations.

Figma, on the other hand, is a web-based design tool that is great for creating user interfaces and other digital designs. It offers a wide range of features and capabilities and is great for collaboration and design team workflows.

Overall, there are several alternatives to Canva that can be used offline. Whether you’re looking for powerful graphic design software like Photoshop or Illustrator, a free and open-source option like GIMP or Inkscape, or a digital design tool like Procreate or Figma, there is an option available for you.

can You use Canva offline?

Canva Offline FAQs

How Do I Save A Canva File Offline?

The best way to save a Canva file offline is to leave it open on the screen of your desktop and don’t shut down the computer. Leave it as it is until you have an internet connection that will auto-save your work.

If you wish to take extra precautions, do take a screenshot of your work. In the event you’ve lost your latest design and have to redo it, you can refer to your screenshot.

Canva auto-save function doesn’t work offline and you won’t be able to save the editable Canva file without an internet connection.

Why Is My Canva Offline?

“Canva Offline” can refer to two different situations: either you cannot access Canva’s website or app due to a lack of internet connection, or you are having trouble accessing a specific Canva file offline. In both situations, ensure that your device is connected to the internet, refresh and reload to bring Canva online again.

What Are You Not Able To Do In Canva?

You are not able to do the following in Canva:

  1. You can’t download an editable working file
  2. You can’t use the full Canva offline
  3. You can’t edit video fully
  4. You can’t create 3D designs
  5. You can’t create animations fully
  6. You can’t change shape flexibly
  7. You can’t create vectors

Final Thoughts On Canva Online and Offline

So can you use Canva offline? Many people may think that they can use Canva offline with the downloaded Canva app on their computers or mobile devices. This is half true for computers and not true at all for mobile devices.

Overall, using Canva offline does have some limitations on its desktop app. For those who may not always have access to the internet, either you prepare your design opened up on the screen, or be ready with alternative design apps.

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